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35 items. One oral history interview with Flying Officer Jeff Brown (b. 1925, 2205595, Royal Air Force), his log book, service material and photographs including 16 pictures of B-29s. He flew operations as a Flight Sergeant air gunner with 576 Squadron from RAF Fiskerton towards the end of the war and took part in Operation Manna.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Jeff Brown and catalogued by Peter Adams.




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Collection Items

Jeff Brown's flying log book for navigators, air bombers, air gunners, flight engineers
Flying log book for navigators, air bombers, air gunners, flight engineers for Jeff Brown, air gunner, covering the period from 18 August 1944 to 31 December 1951. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and post war flying. He was stationed…

B-29 in flight
Air-to-air view of B-29 WF491 in flight, taken on the same level from behind the port wing.

B-29 in flight
Air-to-air view of B-29 in flight, taken from above, of the rear starboard quarter. On the ground there are fields, roads and scattered buildings. Part of a built up community is visible in the bottom left. The top third of the photograph is a taken…

Jeff Brown
Full length portrait of Jeff Brown in Flying Officers dress uniform, with black armband, showing medal ribbon strip, and air gunner's half brevet. He is wearing his cap.

255 airmen and a Lancaster
255 airmen posed in five ranks in front of a Lancaster.

Jeff Brown
Half length portrait of Jeff Brown in uniform with trainee flash in his cap, stood in a green area.

Seven aircrew beneath a Lancaster
Seven aircrew, including Jeff Brown (second left), standing beneath a Lancaster on dispersal. One of them is smoking, and carrying a flying helmet. Two of them have flying boots. Five are sergeants. Two are pilots. The aircraft has H2 on the forward…

Propaganda leaflet dropped prior to Operation Manna
Propaganda leaflet issued by Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces to the people of occupied Holland, advising and instructing them on how to deal with relief food drops. Original in Dutch and English translation.

Anson in flight
Air-to-air view of Anson 1 MG182 in flight. It is in camouflage, and has number '4' on the fuselage and nose.

Cutting a tie
One airman in a flying suit is having his tie cut off by two others, one holding the tie, the other, wearing a boiler suit, wielding the scissors, whilst two others look on. Everybody except the man with the scissors is laughing, he is concentrating…

Six airmen studying a rotary engine cut-away
Five airman are watching another handling a floor-mounted, cut-away section of a rotary engine in an interior setting. Two of the airmen have 'Canada' shoulder flashes.

Entrance to No.3 F.T.S. Claresholm
Gatehouse and entrance plaque of No. 3 Flying Training School Claresholm. The plaque is mounted on a decorative woodpile, and the station title is written on a decorative broken board. In the middle distance is a manned gatehouse, with traffic light.…

B-29, WF491, in flight
Air-to-air view of B-29, serial number WF491, in flight.

53 trainee airmen, and two instructors
55 airmen posed in 5 ranks in front of a large corrugated iron building. 53 of them have white belts, and trainee flashes on their caps, The remaining two are central on the front rank. One of them has sergeant's stripes and a medal ribbon, the other…

15 trainee airmen
15 trainee airmen, in uniform with trainee cap flashes, posed in three ranks, with one older uniformed airman standing apart, to their right.

Wellington O-KJ
Wellington bomber on the ground, with wheels chocked, and bomb bay doors open. Letters O and KJ appear on the fuselage. Visible in the background is a control tower with a truck in front.

VE Day Lancaster crash
Account of Jeff Brown witnessing Lancaster NN806 crash on take-off on VE Day. Includes a photograph of 13 air and ground crew of 576 Squadron, under their aircraft, including Jeff Brown.

An account of Operation Manna
An account of events leading up to, and during Operation Manna, plus personal involvement. Page contains head and shoulders photograph of Jeff Brown, in uniform, showing an air gunners brevet and sergeants stripes.

The Hunger Winter
Extract from 'The Hunger Winter' by Henri Van Der Zee

 Air Force ranks held by Jeff Brown
List of Air Force ranks held by Jeff Brown.

576 Squadron Order of Battle No.290
List detailing 25 aircrews, headed, 'No.576 Squadron RAF Station Fiskerton, Order of Battle NO.290'.

B-29 wheel assembly
Main wheel assembly of B-29 on the ground, captioned, 'Main Gear'. The inside wheel is chocked with a wooden block. The nose gear can be seen in the background.

B-29 nose gear
Nose wheel assembly of B-29 on the ground, captioned, 'Nose Gear'. The wheels are chocked with wooden blocks, joined with rope. Hangars and further aircraft can be see in the background.

View from B-29 cockpit
View looking forward between the flight positions through the nose of a B-29. The interior is very dark; three instrument dials can be seen on the port side station, with the right hand of the pilot visible on the control column. The aircraft is…

Wright R3350 Engine and Hamilton Standard Hydraulic Prop
Front view of aircraft engine and propeller, captioned, 'Number Three Nacelle with Bird-Plug. Wright R3350 Engine and Hamilton Standard Hydraulic Prop'. The engine is not running. Buildings and further aircraft can be seen in the background.
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