Bomb aimers briefing 21 June 1944 - Wesseling



Bomb aimers briefing 21 June 1944 - Wesseling


Shows a single bomb load for operation. Details spacing, preselection and false height settings as well as times, Window, weights and route. On the reverse lists aircraft allocated to three waves, covers illumination and marking method as well as some bombing instructions and other information. Lists aircraft with associated heights.



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Two sides front form document partially filled in on the reverse handwritten


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SChattertonJ159568v10610, SChattertonJ159568v10611


Colour Film. Y Z

[Underlined] WESSELING [/underlined]

DATE 21-6-44

[Z J. 1000lb on STN 2] [sic]

[Table of Bomb Loads, T.V., Bomb Weight and All Up Weight]

[Table of Preselect] Spacing 20 yards Distrib .2

[Table of Aircraft Height and False Height Setting]

TIME OFF 2245 E.T.R. 0330 ZERO. [deleted] 0140 [/deleted] 0132 (H+8)

WINDOWS. 46 bundles NICKELS. 1 PKT per A/C. EFFORT. 100L.

TIME TO TARGET. 2.10 TARGET A.U.W. 60,000lb approx TARGET HEIGHT. 160 FT.

ROUTE – Base – A 5230 x 0300E – B 5145 – 0350E – C 5140 x 0505E – D 5100 x 0525E – E 5055 x 0635E – Δ – F 5044 x 0645E – G 5057 x 0610E – D – B – A – Base.


[Circled] M & R [/circled] Scrubbed


[Page break]

1 ZXQEFG H +8 – H +11

2 VSAJY H +11 – H +14

3 TLKBO H +14 – H +15.

[Underlined] Method [/underlined]

3 waves of A/C for illumination Dropping H. H+1. H+2

Mosq. then mark with 4 RSF. 17 Red TI’s 19 Green TI’s.

Yellow cancels do not bomb if one colour shows – this is probably a jettison?

NB. Backs up in marking stream hence must keep height band.

[Symbol] for further illumination [underlined] only. [/underlined]

Bomb mixed TI’s & RSF. Do not bomb any with yellow TI.

Bomb glow or on Gee + H2S.

[Underlined] Heading [/underlined] on track is - 111° T.

[Underlined] Wind [/underlined] Preset wind used. Will only be corrected if a change is necessary.

[Boxed] 038/20 [/boxed]

Z 17

Y 17

T 17

X 19

V 19

Q 17

S 19

E 19

A 17

L 19

K 20

J 20

B 20

F 20

G 20

O 19.


“Bomb aimers briefing 21 June 1944 - Wesseling,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 4, 2023,

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