Bomb aimers briefing 4 December 1944 - Heilbronn



Bomb aimers briefing 4 December 1944 - Heilbronn


Indicates two bomb loads, one for three the other for sixteen aircraft. Details weights, preselection settings and other information. At the bottom window information and briefing times. On the reverse, Mosquito marking with timings and bombing instructions and warnings as well as maximum bombing heights and time on target. At the bottom annotated weight calculations.



Temporal Coverage

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Two sides form document partially filled in on front and handwritten on reverse


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[Underlined] HEILBRONN. [/underlined]

DATE 4-12-44.



[Table of bomb loads]

PETROL 1650 1650

DISTRIBUTOR .5- 15yds.

T.V. 1385 1000

BOMB WEIGHT [Deleted] 1385 1000 [/deleted] 11,985 12,272.

ALL UP. WEIGHT. [Deleted] 65,065 65,352 [/deleted] 64,705 64,992.

[Table of Preselect]

ZERO. 1900 H-H+5

15 heavy 18 light WINDOWS. Start 0700E Stop 0600E.

TIME TO TARGET. 3 hrs. [Deleted] TARGET A.U.W [/deleted]

BOMBING HEIGHTS. [Deleted] 6-7000 [/deleted] 11-14000

210lbs – Window BDEFGHJOACQ 15 heavy – “MC” (antifighter)
342lbs – Rest 18 heavy “A” (flak)

Nav. 1300
Capt. 1330
Main. 1400

[Page break]

[Underlined] No Yellows to cancel [/underlined] as they are being used to mark 56 Base marking base.

[Underlined] Marking [/underlined] 6 Mosquitoes.

H-11 Primary blind markers Green TI on centre of town.

H-9.7.5 Flares. Blind Visual.

Marking Point. Red TI assessed & backed up.
If innaccurate [sic] another R.T.I. will be dropped & controller will direct bombing on to it.

H-2 – Greens backed up [inserted] Red TI. [/inserted] if Marking Point cannot be found
If Greens innaccurate [sic] any built up area will be marked with Red TI’s.

W S & D H-5 - Adjust wind for bomb load carried.

[Underlined] Sector. Height Overshoot [/underlined]
106-123 12,200-12,600 8secs.

Basic delay for ‘B’ LOAD.
6 secs.

Small Δ – [therefore symbol] accuracy to be stressed.

Reminder re levelling. Bombsights already levelled for 54,000lbs & must not be touched. Snag book is not being filled in correctly & some bomb aimers are not even putting their snags in the book!!!

NB [symbol] Crews must know the correct drift on bombing run – High winds.

Air Bombers [underlined] must [/underlined] bomb accurately on [underlined] correct heading [/underlined] & [underlined] with correct overshoot. [/underlined]

Aim centre bomb of stick on markers. [Underlined] ORBIT PORT [/underlined]

[Underlined] Bombing Instructions will be:- [/underlined]

Reds as planned
Greens backed up by Reds.
Reds direct.

Minimum Bombing Ht. 4000’.

Max T.O.T. 12 mins.



“Bomb aimers briefing 4 December 1944 - Heilbronn,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 23, 2024,

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