bomb aimers briefing 25 January 1944



bomb aimers briefing 25 January 1944


Indicates two bomb loads for operation. Includes preselection and false height settings as well as other information. Notes Newhaven with Wanganui as emergency. Covers route and target marking by Pathfinder force and bombing instructions. On the reverse mentions dummy Target indicators as well as spoof marking by Pathfinder force at Karlsruhe. Front page is crossed through in red annotated 'Cancelled 1700 hrs'.



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Two sided document form filled in on front and handwritten on reverse


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[Underlined] GROUP LOAD [/underlined]

[Calculations, some deleted]

DATE 25-1-44.

[Diagonal lines through this page] Scrubbed 1700hrs


[Table of bomb loads]

1600 GALLS=11,520lbbs.

TV. 1000 1/sec T.V. 1000 1/sec.

[Table of Weights and A.U.W.]

[Table of Preselection]

[Table of aircraft heights]

Petrol. 1600 Target Ht. 1330’

Windows. 22 pks. Route to Target C Within 40mls D Remainder C. Nickels. 2 PKTS.

ZERO. 2050

Target. [Underlined] WEIGHT A 58,000lbs B 56,000lbs Effort. 667.

Decoys. 34.5 Emergency Sighting Lle.


Newhaven with Wanganui as Emergency

[Underlined] Routemarker TI Red at {P 4935 0615E OUTWARDBOUND.

{Q 5038 0556E. Homeward – off track.

Attack opens sticks flares & TI Red in Δ area [underlined] for PFF only [/underlined] [inserted] Ignore by main force. [/inserted] Aiming Pt will be TI Green kept up throughout attack. If necessary red/green Wanganui to mark the release point. Aim at centre of all visible green TI’s or otherwise at flares red with green stars on exact heading of [underlined] 052M [/underlined] True Height & A/S & Zero wind.

[Obscured word] [/underlined] must not [/underlined [missing words] must be careful to avoid weak

[Page break]

dummy TI’s which may be dropped over the decoy to the SE of the target. Spoof markings by PFF on Karlsruhe & Stuttgart.


“bomb aimers briefing 25 January 1944,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed November 28, 2022,

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