Bomb aimers briefing 16 December 1944 - Munich



Bomb aimers briefing 16 December 1944 - Munich


Shows two bomb loads for operation, Includes preselection, distributor and other settings. Indicates 'anti-fighter' and 'anti-flak' zones as well as bombing heights and other details. On the reverse target marking details, timings and priorities, bombing details, codewords and navigation details.



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Two sided form document filled in on front handwritten on reverse


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DATE [deleted] 16 [/deleted] /12/44 MUNICH


[Table of bomb loads]

PETROL. 2154 2154


T.V. 1000 1000

BOMB WEIGHT 9968 8516

ALL UP. WEIGHT. [deleted] 66,677 [/deleted] 66,288 [deleted] 65,225 [/deleted] 64,836

[Table of Preselect]

[Table of aircraft heights] NIL

TIME OFF [deleted] 1600 [/deleted] E.T.R. [deleted] 0200 [/deleted] ZERO. [deleted] 2230 H-H+7 [/deleted] 2200 to +7

Anti-fighter 40 mls from Δ & back to 6°E. Anti-flak – 30 mls from Δ to 30 mls back and on Track if Predicted flak – Rate D both cases 2 per minute. [Underlined] NICKELS. [/deleted] EFFORT. 270 Plus.


BOMBING HEIGHTS. [deleted] 18,250-20,000 14,000-18,000 [/deleted] 13,250-15,000’.
Supporting H-11 to H-5 turning Port. [deleted] 16,250-18,000’ [/deleted]

[Underlined] Sector [/underlined] [deleted] 082 – 103 [/deleted] Overshoot 19 secs.

Routemarker 4603 x 0920E Green TI Cascading 10,000. Burning 12 mins.

[Page break]

H-11 Green Prox. T.I. (Centre of built up area)

H-9.7.4. Flares

After H-9 Marking Pt 1. R.T.I. long burning.
Backed up Red T.I.
Finally backed up White T.I. flashing “V” – onto Red TI.
Yellow TI’s Scrub.

H-2 If not marked back up the Green TI with Red TI or mark any built up area with Reds.

[Underlined] Order of Priority. [/underlined]

① Reds as planned – 20 [deleted] 1/2 [/deleted] secs + 1 Flashing White TI.
② Reds & Greens direct. – 1 [deleted] 1/2 [deleted] secs.
③ Reds direct. – 1 [deleted] 1/2 [/deleted] secs.
④ No [boxed] W [/boxed] i.e. No emergency marking.

No Δ windfinding – W/T Silence.

HQ will pass W S & D before take off corrected for B/S.
Confirmation or correction to these winds will be transmitted at H-12. Air wind is prefixed by letter “H”

[Boxed] Main Force R/T – [deleted] Smokey [/deleted] Boxkite.
Abandon Mission – Shanty town
Stop Bombing – Astrodome. [/boxed]

Correct Heading
Nav “Go”
Turn onto correct heading after graticule passes MPI of TI’s.

Last attack on this Δ was hopeless. Marking went astray, but some crews definitely bombed [underlined] dummy TI’s. [/underlined]

Nav [deleted] 1630 [/deleted] 1300
Capt [deleted] 1700 [/deleted] 1330
Main. [deleted] 1730 [/deleted] 1400

[Underlined] Sector Wave Supporting Wave. [/underlined]
082-092 H+3 – H+6 H-11 to H-9

[Boxed] Gen re Loran crews [/boxed]


“Bomb aimers briefing 16 December 1944 - Munich,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 18, 2024,

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