Bomb aimers briefing 28 January 1944 - Berlin



Bomb aimers briefing 28 January 1944 - Berlin


Indicates two bomb loads for operations on 28 January 1944. Annotated 'Berlin' in red. Includes preselection settings, delays, false height settings, Window and target marking method.



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[Underlined] BERLIN [/underlined]

DATE 28-1-44

[Table of bomb loads]

Petrol 2050 galls = 14,760 lb.

TV. 1000 1/sec TV. 1600 1/sec

[Table of bomb weights and All Up Weights]

[Table of Preselection]

[Table of aircraft heights]

Petrol. 2050 Target Ht. 118’

312 Bundles Window. Within 50 mls. C D C Nickels. 1 PKT.

ZERO. 0315 Effort 663 inc. 198 Hx.

Emergency Sighting Lle.

Method:- Mixed Para & Wang.

[Underlined] Routemarker Flares [/underlined] Red steady Posn. P 5510N 0832E } OUT.
Posn Q 5318N 1237E } OUT.
Posn R 5400N 1200E – HOME

Attack opens TI RED. Aim Pt. then kept marked TI GREEN throughout. In addition Δ marked flares RED & GREEN stars.

Main force bomb centre of all TI Green visible. If cloud prevents aim at centre all flares Red + Green stars Hdg. 160° M. True Ht. & A/S Zero W/V.

Spoof routemarker T I Yellow (W) at 5206N 1245E & same fighter flares 25mls SW of target


“Bomb aimers briefing 28 January 1944 - Berlin,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed September 26, 2023,

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