Bomb aimers briefing 27 May 1944



Bomb aimers briefing 27 May 1944


Indicates two bomb loads for the squadron. Contains pre-selection settings, route, method and other details including that red spot flares will be dropped by Mosquito. Annotated 'Cherbourg'. On the reverse some notes.



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[inserted] CHERBOURG [inserted]
underlined]032/28 WS & D preset before take off. [/underlined]

27- 5-44
9 A/C Q.J.X.E.V.L.T.C.P. A.S.G.Z.K.Y.M.O.F.

[Table of Bomb Loads)

[Table of Bombing Instructions]

[Preselection Table]

[Aircraft Height Table]
ROUTE – Base reading – Shoreham – 4924 x 0100W – 4924 x 0120W - △4943 x 0120W – 5030 x 0020W
Reading – Base △ – 4934 ½ x 0120W
2 Spat Fires (only 2) dropped by 2 Mosq. 1 mosq. Standing by in case 1st. 2 mosq. Boob. T.I [underlined] Yellow [/underlined if spat fires not correct.
T.I’s Green emphasize that Red Spots are correct.
WS & D b’cast at h-5 fro 6000’. If not received bomb with a mind of 032/28 to be set on all bombsights before take off. It is a false vectored wind.
H-7 Flare force train ’10,000’ Green/Red stars call for more illumination.

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This is not a W attack
If bomb sight goes w/s can use MK XIV as a fixed sight.


“Bomb aimers briefing 27 May 1944,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 7, 2023,

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