RAF St Eval [concept]


RAF St Eval [concept]
RAF St. Eval; [concept]


RAF St Eval was in Cornwall eight miles north east of Newquay. Construction started in 1938 and it opened in October 1939. It was part of RAF Coastal Command and its primary role was to provide anti-submarine and anti-shipping patrols off the south west coast. In 1940 it became a Fighter Command sector headquarters and aircraft from here were also used for photographic reconnaissance missions, meteorological flights, convoy patrols and air-sea rescue. RAF St Eval was also used to target German naval vessels in French ports, to give air cover for the D-Day landings. The station was equipped with FIDO.
Many squadrons, including some Naval Air Squadrons of the Fleet Air Arm, used RAF St. Eval.
Aircraft flown included: Albacore, Anson, B-24, Beaufighter, Beaufort, Blenheim, Halifax, Hampden, Hudson, Hurricane, Lancaster, Spitfire, Swordfish, Tiger Moth, Warwick, Wellington and Whitley.


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