RAF Morecambe [entry point]


RAF Morecambe [entry point]


RAF Morecombe was the collective name given to multiple hotels and facilities used by the RAF in the Lancashire seaside town.

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Morecambe had an a number of different roles within the RAF, basic training unit, including WAAF’s (about 80% of whom went through Morecambe), driving school, training centre for engine fitters and airframe fitters, transit camp and hospital. There was a non-operational airfield with three hangers where airframe fitters learned their trade on withdrawn Whitley bombers, whilst engine fitters worked in the numerous commercial garages commandeered, including the council bus garage. After basic training recruits would move on, unless enrolled on the driving courses (WAAF’s) or were  trainee fitters. The hospital was largely used by RAF personnel stationed in Morecambe or civilian workers at the camp. Also within the borough was Heysham were high octane petrol was produced to boost the operation parameters of the Spitfire after the engines had been modified to use the 100 octane fuel produced there instead of the normal 80 octane. Also within the borough was an army officers training establishment, and a port with its naval presence.

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