RAF Lossiemouth [concept]


RAF Lossiemouth [concept]


RAF Lossiemouth was in Morayshire on the western edge of the town of the same name, approximately 42 miles north east of Inverness, Scotland. Construction of the airfield began in 1938 and it opened in May 1939. Concrete runways were built in late 1942. RAF Lossiemouth often briefly housed detachments from squadrons based elsewhere and some operational raids were launched from Lossiemouth, including the successful attack on the battleship Tirpitz by 9 Squadron and 617 Squadron 12 November 1944. The aerodrome was briefly the home of 17 Group Coastal Command in 1945 before being transferred to the Fleet Air Arm, and redundant aircraft were scrapped here after the war.

It was home to: 99 Squadron, 44 Squadron, 50 Squadron, 107 Squadron, 110 Squadron, 9 Squadron and 617 Squadron.
Aircraft flown included: Oxford, Wellington, Anson, Harvard, Beaufighter, Lancaster, Blenheim and Hampden
Wartime losses: 464


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