Lancaster was all lit-up



Lancaster was all lit-up


Describes night battle with two Me 110 when all Lancaster's lights came on when electrical system was hit. mentions actions of wireless operator and air gunners one of whom was badly wounded.




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Lancaster Was All Lit-Up
In a night battle with two Me. 110s a Lancaster bomber suddenly made a brilliant target for the enemy’s guns. All its lights had come on through the hitting of its electrical system.
Though wounded, the wireless operator, Sergt. T.P.F. Hall, of Letchworth, Herts, put out most of the lights by pulling out the fuses.
Meanwhile the rear-gunner, Sergt. W. Birch, of Skelmersdale, Ormskirk, Lancs, shot down one Me. in flames. When the other Me. made a second attack he drove it off.
This drama of Saturday night’s raid on Leipzig was revealed yesterday. Four men were wounded among them Pilot Officer Q.A.W. Pragnell of Hanwell, Middlesex.
The Lancaster, “Q for Queenie,” was so badly damaged the captain ordered his crew to get ready to bale out, but countermanded the order on finding the mid-upper gunner was unconscious.



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