George Dunmore's record of service



George Dunmore's record of service


Enlisted as fitter in February 1939 and commissioned in November 1944. Lists promotions, appointments and postings up to November 1965.





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[stamped] M.O.D. R.A.F. P.M.C. 23 JUN 1983 [/stamped]

[underlined] Date of Birth: [/underlined] 25 February 1921

[underlined] Previous Service [/underlined]
Enlisted as No. 635201 Aircraftman 2nd Class Fitter U/T Fitter Aero
Engineer Group 1, Royal Air Force for 6 years Active, nil Reserve 11.2.39
Remustered Fitter II(E) 14.2.40
Aircraftman 1st Class 1.8.40
Leading Aircraftman 1.3.41
Temporary Corporal 1.7.41
Temporary Sergeant, remustered Flight Engineer 1.6.42
Acting Flight Sergeant 15.10.42
Temporary Flight Sergeant 2.6.43
Acting Warrant Officer 4.8.43
Temporary Warrant Officer 12.6.44
Discharged on appointment to a commission 18.10.44

[underlined] Appointments and Promotions [/underlined]
Granted an Emergency Commission as a Pilot Officer on probation in
the General Duties Branch of the Royal Air Force. Aircrew category, Flight Engineer. 19.10.44
Confirmed in appointment and promoted to Flying Officer (war substantive) 19.4.45
Last day of service 14.3.46
Granted a Short Service Commission (AMO A899/47 as a Flying Officer in the
General Duties Branch of the Royal Air Force (Seniority 27.9.48) 21.2.49
Transferred to the Technical (Eng) Branch on appointment
Transferred to the General Duties Branch in the rank of Flying Officer
and in existing seniority. 22.8.49
Transferred to the Equipment Branch (seniority 2.9.49) 13.8.52
Granted a Permanent Commission as a Flying Officer in the Equipment
Branch of the Royal Air Force (AMO A628/51) 15.11.52
Flight Lieutenant 4.12.52
Placed on the Retired List on account of medical unfitness
for Air Force Service 2.7.67
Died 20.3.79

[underlined] Postings [/underlined]
No 2 Depot, Cardington 14.2.39
No 13 Maintenance Unit, Henlow 12.5.39
No 3 Wing, Hednesford
No 37 Maintenance Unit 8.4.40
No 32 Maintenance Unit 19.5.40
No 52 Operational Training Unit 25.2.41
No 60 Operational Training Unit 13.5.41
No 10 Air Gunnery School 21.3.42
No 97 Squadron 24.4.42
No 4 School of Technical Training 17.5.42
No 83 Squadron 19.8.42
Admitted Ely Hospital 10.10.42
Discharged Ely Hospital 3.11.42

[centred] 1 [/centred]

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[underlined] Postings (Cont’d) [/underlined]
Admitted PM RAF Hospital Halton 29.3.43
Discharged PM RAF Hospital Halton 5.7.43
Pathfinder Force, Mosquito Training Unit 21.10.43
No 5 Personnel Despatch Centre 7.7.44
HQ No 45 Group 10.7.44
HQ (Unit) Transport Command 2.3.45
No 246 Squadron 19.3.45
HQ (Unit) Transport Command 3.12.45
No 100 Personnel Despersal[sic] Centre 9.1.46

Waterbeach 21.2.49
Technical College, Henlow 23.2.49
No 230 Operational Conversion Unit 22.8.49
No 9 Squadron 2.12.49
Hornchurch (attach) 11.2.51 – 22.2.51
No 7 School of Recruit Training, Bridgenorth (attach) 8.3.51
No 2 Recruits Unit 23.3.51
Equipment Division, School of Administration 13.8.52
Biggin Hill 24.11.52
El Hamra 14.6.53
Habbaniya 18.6.53
No 115 Maintenance Unit 19.6.53
No 5 Personnel Despatch Centre 9.11.53
Scampton 24.11.53
Movements School, Kidbrooke (attach) 2.1.56 – 14.2.56
No 110 Movements Unit 28.2.56
No 5 Personnal Despatch Unit 3.9.58
No 1 Movements Unit, London 5.9.58
Woolwich Arsenal Detachment 1.11.60
HQ Transport Command 20.3.61
Idris, Near East Air Force 7.6.63
Abingdon 30.10.65

[underlined] Decorations and Awards [/underlined]
Distinguished Flying Medal London Gazette 13.8.43

[underlined] Medals [/underlined]
1939/45 Star
Aircrew Europe Star with Atlantic Clasp
Defence Medal
War Medal 1939/45

For Air Secretary

[centred] 2 [/centred]



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