Lancaster Dinghy Drill



Lancaster Dinghy Drill


Instructions about Lancaster ditching procedure. The actions of all seven members of the crew is described.



Two typewritten sheets


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[underlined] LANCASTER DINGHY DRILL [/underlined] Part 1
[underlined] DRILL [/underlined]
[list headings] Pilot Flight Engineer Navigator Wireless Operator Air Bomber Mid. Upper Gunner Radar Gunner
[list] 1. At controls. Beside pilot. Navigators table at set. In front turret In turret In turrett. [sic] 2. Give order “dinghy” Dinghy prepare for ditching” and signal series of “Ds” on call light. Give nave estimated time before ditching Lower flaps 15 jettison fuel and check security of sutton harness. (See note 7) Acknowledge jettison cockpit roof hatch and assist pilot with sutton harness (See note 7) acknowledge. Warn W.op prepare C.H.A.P.T. and pass IT to him. (see note 7) acknowledge with series of “Ds” on call light. Take distress action as per A.MCO A.25/42 (see note 3) (see note 7) acknowledge. Leave turret and check security of forward parachute hatch. (see note 7) acknowledge leave turret. (see note 7) acknowledge leave turret. (see note 7)
3. Jettison Bombs Stand by to assist pilot as required. Receives fixes from W.Op and pass surface V.S. and D to pilot. Continue distress action sending C.H.A.P.T. received from Nav. Pass to Nav. Fixes received Go aft. Jettison mid ditching match [sic] and switch on rest bed light. Jettison rear pitching [sic] hatch Go forward, close and secure all doors and hatches, switch on rear fuselage light, proceed to D.S. and establish i/c with pilot
4. Warn crew “ditching stations” and flash series of “ss” on call light. Lower flaps to 25 and close fuel jettison cocks. (see note 6) Warn W/Op to D.S. and switch on nav. indent. and landing lights if necessary. Warn crew “brace for ditching” and disconnect i/c. Ditch aircraft. Collect Axe, go aft to D.S. establish i/c with pilot, inflate Mae West, and take up D.S. Shout “Brace for pitching” [sic] disconnect i/c and brace, Brace. Warn W.Op (slap on shoulder) go aft to D.S. inflate Mae west and hold bulk head door open for W.Op Brace. Brace. On receiving warning from nav. contact pilot on i/c and await final warning from pilot to take up. D.S. continuing distress action meantime. On receipt of final warning from pilot clamp key, go to p.s. [sic] close door and take up p.s. [sic] with Nav. Brace. Brace. Take up D.S. Brace Brace. Take up D.S. Brace Brace Shout “brace for ditching disconnect i/c and brace. Brace.
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[list headings] Pilot IF Flight Engineer I.M. Navigator 2.M. Wireless Operator Air Bomber Mid. Upper Gunner 2.R Air Gunner 1.R.
[list] 5. Release Sutton harness and parachute harness, leave by cockpit roof exit and inflate Mae West. Leave first by mid exit with axe and assist dinghy out of stowage. Leave second vfrom mid exit and assist dinghy out of stowage. Leave third after Nav. and stand by on wing to receive types 4 and 7 packs from A.B. in fuselage. Operate forward dinghy manuel [sic] release collect type 4 and 7 packs. Move forward over spare to mid exit and pass packs to W.Op on wing. Operate dinghy release near rear exit and follow R.G. through exit.
6. Move aft along fuselage top, get on to starboard wing and relieve dinghy radio and kite assembly from A.B. in fuselage Get dinghy waterborne Get dinghy waterborne Stand by to board dinghy with packs Collect dinghy radio and kite assembly and hand out to pilot on wing. Move forward along fuselage top, and get on starboard wing.
7. Hand dinghy radio to A.B. Control dinghy from wing. Control dinghy by wing. Board dinghy with packs. Leave last by mid exit, get on to starboard wing and take dinghy radio from pilot. 4 M. Board dinghy
8. Board dinghy last with kite assembly check equipment, call roll and order Nav. to cast off. Board dinghy Board dinghy cut painter and cast off on order of aircraft Captain. Get out paddles and paddle clear Board dinghy with dinghy radio [missing word] Top up bellows Plug any leaks with stoppers



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