Nominal roll of known casualties



Nominal roll of known casualties


Casualties from among fellow Boy Entrants.





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[underline] NOMINAL ROLL OF KNOWN CASULTIES [/underlined]

5S1 550013 FS A R COOK Wop/AG 101 Sqn Killed whilst escaping from POW Camp Germany 19.6.43
5S1 550021 Fg Off F R FORD Navigator 29.9.43
5S3 550088 Fg Off L A F NEWMAN Sigs 21.1.43
5S2 550061 Sqn Ldr H GOODWILL 29.1.70
5S3 550078 Sgt F J H MARSHALL 10.5.43 (Delhi Hospital)
5S3 550085 Flt Lt G R I PARKER, DFC, AFC, DSM Buccaneer Test Flight, 19.2.63, Holme-on-Spalding Moor, 6Yorkshire
5S4 550130 WO P N B WILLIAMS Air Obs 269 Sqn Hudson FN363, Lost on submarine patrol Greenland 1.4.43
5S4 550129 Sqn Ldr J SHERIFF 10.10.60
6F2 550183 FS W E HEWITT 1.4.67
6F3 550196 FS G T MANTLE Hudson AE548. Crashed off Gibraltar 20.5.42. Lost at sea.
6F4 550211 Fg Off T J M NASH Pilot Oxford HM 263 – Flying accident 1.5.45
6F2 550237 Sgt J E CUBITT Pilot Missing believed killed 6.6.42
6F2 550240 Flt Lt H V DOODSON Navigator Missing believed killed 24.1.47
6F3 550259 FS W J McINTOSH Navigator 541 Sqn Lancaster LM267, 13.8.44, Germany
6F4 550260 Fg Off J McMASTER Navigator 210TU Wellington BK162, 17.4.43, France
6F5 550298 FS F S E WOMAR Wop/AG 408 (RCAF) Sqn Hampden AT101-1, 21.6.42
7B1E 550338 WO S M GREEN Observer 15 0TU Wellington R1791, 31.5.42, Belgium
7B1F 550357 Fg Off T D REILLEY, AFM Pilot 190 TU Whitley LA83F, 4.5.44, Mid-air collision Kinloss
7B1D 550408 Flt Lt J A P DRUMMOND, DFM Wop/AG 100 Sqn Lancaster ED688, 2.8.43
7B1F 550452 FS J A WILLIAMS Wop/AG 106 Sqn Lancaster R5678, 16.8.42, Germany
7B1D 550461 Plt Off G S HASLAM WEM AG 186 Sqn Lancaster NG147, 16.1.45, Germany
7B1D 550485 FS E J MINNS, BEM Gd W Fitt Road accident Gan 20.5.66
7B1F 550497 Fg Off J E TATE Observer 44 Sqn Lancaster W4187, 1.10.42 Holland

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7B1D 550501 Fg Off A S MIDDLETON Wop/AG 620 Sqn Stirling LK864, 23.7.44
7B1D 550510 FS R A SOUTHGATE WEM 19.11.44 – POW – Rangoon Jail
7B1A 550564 FLT Lt G F AYTON, DFC Pilot Mosquito KA317, 28.6.45
7B1B 550584 FS D G STRETCH Wop/AG 106 Sqn Lancaster W4302, 15.10.42 Germany
7B1A 550591 WO L ROSEKILLY Navigator 115 Sqn Wellington BJ893, 2.9.42 Germany
7B1A 550597 Plt Off K L RENDALL Navigator 571 Sqn Mosquito MM116, 6.10.44, Crashed on return from operations
7B6C 550648 Plt Off T V FINN Navigator 463(RCAF) Sqn Lancaster ME653, 27.1.44 Berlin
7B6E 550677 Sgt K J JONES Wop/AG Lancaster R5539, 18.8.42 AEE Boscombe Down
7B6H 550682 Flt Lt A. WATERSON ENG/SIG 21.7.67 (natural causes)
7B6A 550708 Cpl J M ASHLEY u/t BA Anson DJ125, 9.8.42 England
7B6A 550720 FS T A BETTS Wop/AG Sunderland T9090, Lost at sea 12.8.42, Patrol Bay of Biscay
7B6B 550726 WO F B DIXON Wop/AG 180 Sqn Mitchell FV912, 26.11.43 France
7B6E 550742 Sgt H G LEWIS WOM AG 59 Sqn Liberator FL977, 24.6.44 Co Derry on return from submarine patrol
7B6F 550761 FS J W MORTIMER Wop/AG Aircraft Ferry Sqn, Blenheim BA531, 28.8.42 Middle East
7B6B 550771 Flt Lt G N CHANDLER Pilot 218 Sqn Lancaster NF926, 31.12.44 Germany
7B6C 550823 FS M C HUMPHREY Wop/AG 608 Sqn Hudson AM802, lost at sea 11,11.42, Submarine patrol Gibraltar
7B6F 550835 Sgt P C MERCER Wop Died on aircrew course Canada 17.3.43
7B6E 550850 Plt Off P A LEINS Pilot 180 Sqn Mitchell FW110, 21.4.44 Norfolk
7B6H 550857 AC1 SUTHERLAND Wop 1.3.43, injuries sustained in road accident East Africa
7B6E 550870 FS T L KENNEDY Wop/AG 11 OTU Wellington DV767, 2.6.42, Germany
7B6H 550874 Sgt FANTHORNE Wop/AG 214 Sqn Stirling NT567, 24.7.42 Germany
7B6B 550875 WO G R J DAVIS BA Aboard HMT Laconia, Sunk by enemy action 12.9.42
7B9A 550924 FS J A CUMMINGS Wop/AG Hudson F4312 3.8.42 India
7B9B 550944 Wg Cdr J D HOWARD OBE ENG(EL) 29.4.70
7B9D 550949 FS C SHARKEY Signaller 84 Sqn Brigand V869 1.6.51, result of flying accident Tengah

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7B9D 550968 WO W WRIGHT Wop/AG 511 Sqn York MW166, 1.2.45 Tunis
7B9B 550975 FS D DIAMOND Observer 236 Sqn Beaufighter T4827, 9.7.42, No know grave
7B9C 550985 Fg Off P R McINTOSH Wop/AG 224 Sqn Liberator FL938, lost at sea 2.9.43
8B1B 551023 FS G H P DEAN BA 97 Sqn Lancaster R5496, 5.9.42 Germany
8B1C 551029 Sgt K W HOLMES WEB 84 Sqn 28.1.43 whilst Jap POW
8B1A 551090 WO S D BIRDSALL Wop/AG 19.12.44, Jap POW, aboard transport ship lost at sea
8B1F 551240 FS A G TURNER Wop/AG 50 Sqn Lancaster KD753 26.7.43 Holland
8B1C 551248 Fg Off J N HICKEY Pilot 40 Sqn Wellington ME 993, 4.2.45 Italy
8B6D 551276 Fg Off K H HARRISON DFM Wop/AG 97 Sqn Lancaster R5701, 15.10.42 Germany
8B6C 551316 Sgt T HORWOOD Wop/AG 40 Sqn Wellington ME960, 2.7.44 Germany
8B6A 551321 Flt Lt J M W BRIGGS DSO, DFC, DFM Pilot Mosquito 503F 11.5.45 flying accident
8B6D 551326 FS F L OAKWELL Wop/AG 86 Sqn Beaufort AW248, 17.5.42 off Norway
8B6A 551341 Fg Off A DALEY, DFM Wop/AG 103 Sqn Lancaster 2D614, 21.4.43 Germany
8B6B 551369 FS A STOKES, DFM Wop/AG 138 Sqn Halifax BB281, 14.3.43 Germany
8B6B 551373 Plt Off H SILVERWOOD, DFM Wop/AG 582 Sqn Lancaster PB202, 29.8.44 Denmark
8B6B 551385 FS W STOCKPORT Wop/AG 83 Sqn Lancaster R5621, 12.6.42 Germany
8B6D 551400 Plt Off A G INNES Wop/AG 415 Sqn Hampden TB2898, 16.8.43, lost at sea
8B6E 551405 FS J QUINN Pilot Result of road traffic accident 22.7.43
8B9C 551531 Fg Off C N HALE Wop/AG 50 Sqn Lancaster DV375, 30.12.43 Germany
8B9A 551537 Plt Off P T LAWSON Air Obs 89 Sqn Beaufighter V7700, 27.9.42 Middle East
8B9C 551541 Fg Off R E GOODWIN, DFC Wop/AG (Pathfinder) 156 Sqn Lancaster ED598, 30.7.43 Germany
8B9A 551543 Fg Off R H LONGHORN, DFM NAV B 108 Sqn Mitchell B25, 22.1.43 Germany
8B9E 551549 FS J J O’BRIEN Wop/AG 103 Sqn Lancaster W4828 14.4.43 Germany
8B9F 551572 Sgt A PORRITT Air B 97 Sqn Lancaster ND497, 25.2.44 Germany
8B9G 5515781 Sgt K R W SIMMONDS Pilot 12 Sqn Lancaster 1W855 4.3.43 Germany
8B9A 551589 P H COOK Whitley K8970, 8.8.39, Crashed on take-off, night flying Linton-on-Ouse
8B9B 551595 Sgt C LOYLE BA 40 Sqn Wellington LP 464, 12.10.44 Italy

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8B9G 551631 FS H UPPARD PUP Pilot 228 OCU Meteor WA604 flying accident 29.5.51
8B9G 551675 Plt Off L ROBERTS, DFM Wop/AG 161 Sqn Halifax DG406, 12.6.43, No known grave
8B9G 551677 Plt Off F G TOTTERDELL Wop/AG 570 Sqn Stirling EF298, 23.9.44 Arnheim

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“Nominal roll of known casualties,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 4, 2024,

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