Messerschmitt Me 264



Messerschmitt Me 264


Photo 1 is a starboard view of the four engined bomber.
Photo 2 is a view of the bomber taken from underneath.




Two b/w photographs on an album page


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Messerschmitt Me 264.
The German High Command had to take into account the possibility of the U.S.A. joining hostilities & declaring war on Germany. In 1940 discussions were held on the effect on morale if major American Cities were bombed from bases on the European continent. The German aircraft industry was invited to submit proposals for an aircraft capable of doing this. Messerschmitt came up with the Me 264, and designated it as a Long Range Maritime Reconnaisance [sic] Bomber. Two prototypes were completed but the second was destroyed in a [sic] R.A.F. bombing raid late in 1943. The first news of the existence of the aircraft came in July 1944, but the remaining prototype was also destroyed in an R.A.F. bombing attack. With that the entire programme was cancelled.


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