Henschel HS 130 and HS 132



Henschel HS 130 and HS 132


Photo 1 is missing. HS 130 was a high altitude bomber-reconnaissance development of the HS 128.
Photo 2 is a single seat jet dive bomber and ground attack monoplane. Here it is viewed from the port side on the ground.




One b/w photograph on an album page


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[missing photograph]

Henschel HS 130.

A high altitude bomber-reconnaisance [sic] development of the experimental HS 128. Powered by two Daimler Benz DB605 engines. Prototypes were built as a two, three & four seater aircraft. Maximum ceiling 50,850 feet. Range 1385 miles. Max speed 292 mph 1t [sic] 20,000 feet.


Henschel HS 132.

An experimental jet-propelled dive bomber & ground attack monoplane. Of mixed construction with wood wings & metal fuselage, the pilot lying prone in the fuselage. Powered by one Jumo004 turbo-jet & a bomb load of 3300lbs. Max speed 485 mph. Ceiling 34,450 feet.


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