Henschel HS 124 and HS 125



Henschel HS 124 and HS 125


Photo 1 is an HS 124 heavy fighter-bomber. Seen on the ground and viewed from the front.
Photo 2 is missing. The HS 125 was a single seat fighter and advanced trainer.




One b/w photograph on an album page


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Henschel HS 124.

A three seat Heavy Fighter-Bomber, Reconnaisance [sic] & Close-Support Aircraft. Powered by two BMW 132Dc nine cylinder radial engines. Armed with two 20mm Mauser cannon, one 7.9 machine gun and 1320lbs of bombs. First flown in the spring of 1936, but swiftly superseded by more advanced specifications, the programme was then cancelled.

[missing photograph]

Henschel HS 125.

A single seat fighter & advanced trainer powered by one Argus As 10C eight cylinder inverted vee air cooled engine. Flight trials were made until early 1935 but the FW 56 Stosser was preferred.


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