Heinkel He 162 and He 178



Heinkel He 162 and He 178


Photo 1 is a port side view of the jet fighter on the ground.
Photo 2 is a port side view taken from the rear of the He 162.
Photo 3 is a He 178, port side taken from the rear.




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Heinkel HE 162 Salamander.
The HE 162 was one of several warplanes produced by Germany in the closing stages of the Second World War in the hope of turning the tide of Allied success. The HE 162 prototype flew in December 1944 only 38 days after the issue of detail drawings to the factory. The type was intended as a fighter that could be mass produced by indifferent workers & operated by units of semi-trained personnel. The first operational wing of three Squadrons was formed in May 1945, just in time to be overrun by British Forces. Production totalled 116 aircraft & 800 incomplete were found in underground factories.



Heinkel He 178.
During the 1930’s Heinkel undertook a programme of research into propulsion by rocket & turbojets. Heinkel designed an experimental aircraft to evaluate the two types of propulsion. The rocket type was designated He 176 & the turbojet variety He 178. The He 178 was designed purely as a research type, & in August 1939 made the world’s first jet powered flight. Lack of official interest persuaded the company to abandon the project. Interest was then concentrated on the He 280 jet powered fighter. Only one prototype of the He 178 was ever built.


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