Heinkel He 100



Heinkel He 100


photo 1 is a night view of the port side, on the ground.
Photo 2 is a starboard side view of one nose with a complete aircraft behind.
Photo 3 is a starboard side view.




Three b/w photographs on an album page


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Heinkel HE 100.
Initial service evaluation revealed a number of handling deficiencies, so the three HE 100 pre-production aircraft introduced larger tail surfaces & a revised canopy & retractable ventral radiator instead of the original enclosed system. There followed 12 HE 100D-1 production fighters, but political antipathy to Heinkel ended production at this point & the HE 100d’s were retained for local defence of Heinkel’s Rostock & Marienhe factory. In 1939 six prototypes were sold to Russia & three to Japan.


Heinkel HE 100.
A single seat fighter aircraft built by Heinkel as a competitor to the ME 109, an aircraft which in the event was preferred to the HE 100.


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