Heinkel He 45 and He 46



Heinkel He 45 and He 46


Photo 1 is a port side view of an He 45.
Photo 2 is a font view of an He 46 being serviced by three ground crew. A second He 46 is in the background.
Photo 3 is a port side view of a flying He 46.




Three b/w photographs on an album page


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Heinkel HE 45.
Designed as a light bomber & long range reconnaissance aircraft during 1931. The new production programme for military aircraft called for 320 HE 45’s by September 1935, & by 1936 was the most widely used of German warplanes. When World War II began the HE 45 was relegated to the training role, but in 1942 a very serious shortage of aircraft suitable for night harassing raids over the Soviet lines resulted in a variety of training & obsolete aircraft being pressed into service. The first such units were formed at Rossosch on the River Don. HE 45’s were first proved in action during the Spanish Civil War as part of the Condor Legion.



Heinkel HE 46.
The HE 46 was evolved in parallel with the HE 45 but as an Army co-operation & short range Reconnaisance [sic] aircraft. The HE46 first flew in 1931 & differed from the HE 45 by having a very different wing arrangement which gave the crew a better all round view. The HE 46 first saw action during the Spanish Civil War & went on to serve in the Second World War firstly in the Polish Campaign & later on the Western & Eastern Fronts.


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