Fieseler Fi 103R Reichenberg V-1



Fieseler Fi 103R Reichenberg V-1


A rear/ side view of a Fi 103 V1 Flying bomb.




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Attack and close support Germany [drawing]

[Underlined] Fieseler Fi 103R REICHENBERG [/underlined]


Fieseler Fi 103. V1 Flying bomb known as the ‘Doodle-Bug!.
The only aircraft of Fieseler design evolved during World War II to be manufactured in quantity was the Fi 103 Flying Bomb. Used for the indiscriminate bombing of London and South-East England, it was powered by an Argus As 014 pulse-jet engine. At a pre-set range the V1 was put into a dive cutting off the supply of fuel to the engine & exploding on contact with the ground. Speed 350 mph, warhead 1870lbs, range 161 miles. Fieseler’s proposals for the missile were accepted in 1941. Emphasis was placed on design suitability for mass production with strict limitations being imposed on precision work & the use of critical materials. The V 1 demanded only 800 production manhours & more than 30,000 were to be built, although few of these were actually built by Fieseler, quantity production being the responsibility of Volswagen [sic] & Mittlewerke.



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