Keith Thompson's time on 115 Squadron



Keith Thompson's time on 115 Squadron


115 Squadron badge.
Three colour postcards of Malta, two of Grand Harbour Valetta, one captioned Maltas stone buildings and one of a horse powered carriage.
A colour postcard of a military cemetery captioned 'Tobruk, Knight Bridge Cemetery near El Adam'.
Four postcards of Gibraltar, one of the Rock with Viscount on airfield captioned 'Rock from airfield, Gibraltar', one of street scene captioned 'Main street Gibraltar' and one of gates in town wall captioned 'South Port Gates, Gibraltar'.
A colour postcard of part of the Rock and a beach captioned 'Gibraltar's water catchment area'.
Page annotated 'No 115 Sqdn, Watton & Cottesmore. May '67-Sept 69. Made my first visit to Berlin & other places in Germany since the war. Went to Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus & El Adem, Libya'.

Spatial Coverage


Five b/w photographs and three colour photographs on an album page


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