James Arabian



James Arabian


Brief biography of James Arabian written by his son.




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Born in Constantinople march 1920. Dad's Father was a business man in the city. They lived there for a further six year under very difficult circumstances due to the Turks dislike of the Greeks and Armenians who of course where Christians.

When Dad was six the family moved to France ending up in Paris. Dad spoke English as s first language but was educated in Paris until the age of 14. He then went to live in jersey with his cousin, becoming an apprentice electrician.

Then the second world war started. Dad had joined the sea scouts in St Hellier [Saint Helier] and his mate told him to come to England on the cargo boats, which he did. His cousin would not come, and ended up in a German Slave Labour Camp (he did survive). Of course dad a Turkish passport which posed a few problems but at last he had his wish granted and joined the RAF.

He met my Mum who was in Land Army and married her at the end of the war. After the war they had very little materially but they had each other and that was how it was through their lives together. Dad always worked hard and was loved by his work colleagues. He kept up his interest in flying by part owning a glider.

I have never married, and I think it was because I looked up to my darling Father who fought for this country and is values. When he died his closest friend spoke of hum at his funeral saying Jim was more English than the English. That says it all!




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