Signals Procedure Exam



Signals Procedure Exam


No 48 Air School, Course 15, Signals Procedure Examination. Seven questions to be answered in an hour.




One typewritten sheet


IBCC Digital Archive


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[underlined] COURSE NO. 15. [/underlined] [underlined] NO. 1 SQUADRON. [/underlined]
[underlined] SIGNALS PROCEDURE. [/underlined]
[underlined] TIME : 1 HOUR. [/underlined] [underlined] MARKS : 100. [/underlined]
1. Explain the component parts of a message in full, giving meanings of letters and priorities. (Illustrate by showing a message and linking up the parts). (15 marks) [inserted] [underlined] 14 [/underlined] [/inserted]
2. Explain the following letters: - B C E F G H K M N P Q R T V W X Y Z (15 marks) [inserted]
3. (a) You are 15 miles N.W. MESSINA and you [sic] engine catches fire. A crash is inevitable, what W/T [Morse-keyed wireless telegraphy] action would you take? (10 marks) [inserted] [underlined] 7 [/underlined] [/inserted]
(b) You are in touch with base on R/T [radio telephony]; the engine fails and a crash in the sea seems unavoidable. Your position is 23 miles ESE [East-SouthEast] GEBA. Show what R/T action you would take. (10 marks) [inserted] [underlined] 7 [/underlined] [/inserted]
4. You ask a ground station for a bearing. Show complete procedure between the two stations until the bearing is obtained. (15marks) [inserted] [underlined] 5 [/underlined] [/inserted]
5. Route a message using the following letters: - O, G, M, T and the letter B in the final instructions; then give a plain language version of the message. (10 marks) [inserted] [underlined] 6 [/underlined] [/inserted]
6. Ground station has an R/T message of immediate priority for an aircraft. Show how this would be passed from call up to ending. (15 marks)
7. When do you use DC procedure and how would you ask for DC to be used. (10 marks) [inserted] [underlined]\ 6 [/underlined] [/inserted]



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