Attack on constructional works Mimoyecques, narrative



Attack on constructional works Mimoyecques, narrative


Reports that this was the fourth constructional works target for the squadron. One P-51, one Mosquito and 17 Lancasters were detailed. States it was another difficult target and describes marking efforts. Reports difficultly in finding aiming point but one bomb was a direct hit on the main building. Three aircraft returned with bombs as unable to identify aiming point and one was hit by anti-aircraft fire and had to jettison his bomb.

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[underlined] 6/7/44 [/underlined]

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This was the fourth of the Constructional Works targets to be attacked by the Squadron. It lies quite near the coast and some three of four miles north north east of the small town of Marquise.

Nineteen aircraft were detailed. One Mustang, one Mosquito and seventeen Lancasters.

This proved to be another difficult target to find as once again the whole of the target area was littered with craters from previous attacks. However, the Aiming Point was identified and W/Cdr. Cheshire, in the Mustang, marked it with two red T.Is; one was a direct hit and the other fell immediately to the west of the main concrete constructions.

The Bomb Aimers had an exceptionally difficult task in locating the Aiming Point because there was nothing very definite to pick out and because the markers dropped by W/Cdr. Cheshire did not show up at all well in the daylight.

One bomb scored a direct hit at the south east end of the Main Building. This bomb appeared to penetrate into the building and burst inside, making a large, deep crater and causing part of the concrete wall to collapse inwards. Four other bombs fell within 60 yards and one of these was very near to the northern end of the building.

Three of the bombers brought their bombs back to Base. Two because they could not identify the Aiming Point and one because the bomb sight was unserviceable. F/O. Lee's aircraft was hit by flak and he was forced to jettison his bomb in the target area.



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