No 1 air observer navigation school mid term examination, photography



No 1 air observer navigation school mid term examination, photography


Time allowed 1 hour. 3 questions on aerial photography


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[underlined] No. 1 AIR OBSERVER NAVIGATION SCHOOL. [/underlined]
[underlined] Course A.2. [/underlined] [underlined] Mid-term examination. [/underlined]
[underlined] PHOTOGRAPHY – one hour. [/underlined]
1. Make a mosaic of an area 25 miles by 9 miles at a scale of 1/15,000. Using F.24 camera with 8” lens, and a ground speed of 140 m.p.h., state:-
(a) Height to be flown.
(b) Number of Runs.
(c) Number of exposures per Run.
(d) Time interval.
(e Number of magazines required and how loaded.
(20 marks).
[Solid line of separation]
2. Give a brief explanation, and show by diagram, how you would make adjustments for light control on a photographic flight.
(a) If light increased to twice its original intensity.
(b) If lens was set at F.8. (stop valve) how would you counteract deterioration of light.
(15 marks).
[Solid line of separation]
3. Code the following observation for W/T transmission:-
(a) One goods train of eight open trucks and twelve closed trucks moving East at 269378.
Decode the following W/T message:-
B4. COL. ALA. SSE. Q6735. Q8634.
[Solid line of separation]
(b) Summarise “Visual” versus Photographic Reconnaissance.
(15 marks).


Great Britain. Royal Air Force, “No 1 air observer navigation school mid term examination, photography,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 24, 2021,

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