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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Texas--El Paso"

Top left - airborne view looking down at mountain. Captioned 'Just after leaving El Paso'.
Top right - open aerodrome with mountains in background. Captioned 'El Paso field'.
Second row right - view from rear cockpit of pilot looking round.…

Top - in the foreground a number of cactus plants in a rock surrounded bed. On the left part of a truck, Grass beyond cactus and mountains in the distance. Captioned 'Cacti'.
Middle - In the foreground rough ground with furrows. In the centre a…


Top left - airborne view of mountains below. Captioned 'Guadaloupe [sic] Peak'.
Top right - airborne view of mountain in the distance. Part of wing on left bottom. Captioned 'Between El Paso and Albuquerque'.
Bottom left - airborne view of…


Top left - airborne view of clouds below. Wing of aircraft bottom left. Captioned 'Between Midland and El Paso'. On the reverse 'Midland El Paso'. Top right airborne view of clouds and land below. Aircraft wing bottom left. Captioned 'Just before…


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