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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Florida--Fort Walton Beach"

Eight airmen all wearing tunics sitting around table covered with drinks in glasses. In the background a mirror and windows. Submitted with caption 'the rainbow room eglin field fl'.

Two men wearing grass skirts standing side by side by a sign saying 'Holley Creek'. One is wearing flying boots, the other has bare feet. Trees and foliage in the background. Submitted with caption 'Holley Creek, Elgin Field Fl'.

A man wearing grass skirt and grass hat standing by a sign saying 'Holley Creek'. In the background foliage. Submitted with caption 'Holley Creek Elgin Field Florida'.

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On the left side a Harvard with main wheels on the ground and tail wheel still up landing on a grass surface. In the background a track and low trees. On the reverse 'One of the boys landing on satellite drome at Eglin Field, Florida'.
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