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Covers joining the RAF, training as an engineer and first posting to RAF Christchurch which undertook radar research. Writes of life and flying as observer in Fairey Battle on radar measurement flights. The unit then moved to RAF Defford. Goes on to…

Records Margaret Logan's service as between 25 May 1944 and 10 October 1947.

She is described by her commanding officer as:
'A very good conscientious airwoman. Has carried out her duties in a very capable manner. Keen, willing and uses…

Issued to Peter Webb covering his service from November 1943 to March 1947.

Service Book was completed at the No 101 Personnel Dispersal Centre R.A.F. Kirkham. Bill joined the R.A.F. on 20 September 1943 and was discharged on the 8 August 1947 as a Flight Sergeant Navigator. He undertook his flying training in Canada between…

RAF Kirkham Officer's Mess.
Photo 1 is a wall decoration, fireplace, chair and a ceiling light.
Photo 2 is a wall decoration of two women walking together.
Photo 3 is a wall decoration of an officer and a bare breasted woman dancing. Underneath…

He writes that he has just been repatriated from Germany where he was in the same camp as her husband. He reports that her husband is well and he has put on some weight and the burns on his hands have now healed. He also reports that one of her…

Writes in response to her letter. He thanks her for her letter and hopes she is continuing to receive news of her husband but not to worry if the post is erratic or stops as this may happen before Germany’s collapse. He also advises her that he is…

The detailed biography begins with government measures at the start of National Service. Philip Hopgood volunteered and enlisted at Padgate, Warrington. He was classified as medically Grade 1. Initial training was at RAF Regent's Park (Lord's Cricket…

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