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A formal photograph of 61 trainees, two non-commissioned officers (NCOs) and two officers arranged in nine rows. The trainees are standing while the NCOs and officers are seated at the front. Bernard Ross is standing in the second row of trainees,…

Five photographs. From top to bottom, left to right: #1: Three airmen in tunics, two with brevets, sitting on a couch. Captioned: 'FRIEND'. #2: A group of army and RAF servicemen, all wearing battledress, sitting and standing in two rows. Most have…

A folded card describing the association's membership types, committee and objectives. The association's secretary is identified on the back by an ink stamp.

Small folded card giving service details, address and showing subscription paid for 1997.

Catches up with family matters, share news of relations and tells that all is well.

Catches up with family matters and tells that all is well.

Announces George Nixon as presumed killed over Germany.

Diary for 1946 January to March and October with a few entries some military and some personal. Some addresses of colleagues.

To Norman Powell. Notice given at the time of him offering to join RAFVR. Lays down general conditions.

List of deficiencies on arrival from the UK. No rank and name filled out.

List airmen for movements in and out as well as leave.

From CRC Worcester to officer i/c attestation section, no 2 recruit centre. Lists three names including Powell N I. Expected draft 1943-04-15.

Airmen's Mess menu for Christmas day 1943.

A thirteen page collection of target photographs and sortie reports.

Page 1: Vertical aerial target photograph of Argenta. Some roads, houses and open fields are visible in the upper half of the image. There are also canals, rail tracks or roads…

Letter written to Mr B Luke at Air Service Training from Norman Powell's wartime skipper. Gives Powell's wartime service background and states he was one of the best flight engineers on the squadron. Recommends Powell for aircraft engineering…

Encloses King's Badge for members of the armed forces, the merchant navy, the home guard and civil defence organisations who were disabled a a result of war service.

Commiserates that he had not been able to return to studies and suggests he contacts ministry of national insurance to claim sickness benefit.

A 6 page collection of target photographs and sortie reports.

Page 1: Sortie report for an operation to Bruck Marshalling yards

Page 2:Vertical aerial target photograph of an unknown location showing some ground detail as tracer trails. Not all…

For both operations, lists crew. For Verona reports route markers seen and visually aiming bombs and bursts seen on markers. For supply drop visually identified target, containers aimed at target, all chutes opened. Good concentration. Two versions…

24 pages of an address book.

Part of RAF Air Ministry pamphlet detailing qualifications; selection for training as pilot; selection for advancement to commission; pay during training; remustering, promotion and pay; war pay; dependents allowance; voluntary allotments; and war…

Drawing of tree with birds and signs, list of food for dinner for sergeants' mess at RAF Abu Sueir. Signatures on the reverse.

Six items listed that are the duties and responsibilities of Flight Engineers.
This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form: no better quality copies are available.

Document with poems attached over long poem by W King. Note that he was 'our' mid-upper gunner but did not realise he was a poet. Note and poems pinned over the same main text which is can be read on final page. First partial poem about aircrew not…
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