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Bride and groom in front of church entrance, groom in suit, bride in wedding dress. Two other women are visible inside the church.

Six aircrew in front of Wellington D, parked in front of a building with chocs on wheels. Nose art of Donald Duck pointing at ducklings visible on aircraft. Four aircrew are wearing peaked caps and two side caps.

Two head and shoulders portraits of aircrew: a trainee on the left, an airman with a signaller brevet on the right.

Brief account of H R Woodard's operations with 104 Squadron from the first on 13 September 1944 until the last on 4 February 1945. Includes reference to misspelling of his surname and names of his regular aircrew. Final operation with LP 549 was to…

Three quarter length photograph of a man wearing battledress and side cap. In the background brick buildings. Notes of the reverse.

A man with rolled up shirtsleeves wearing waistcoat stands to the left of a seated woman who is wearing a dark dress. In the background and to either side, two-story terraced houses. On the reverse 'Mum and Dad, Sarah and Peter Green'.

Full length portrait of a wedding couple. Women on the left wearing wedding dress and carrying bouquet and a man on the right in suit. In the background a wooden door.

1. Photograph titled 'Greetings from Coleby V.A.C'. A wide pathway runs from bottom right to top left with prefabricated one story buildings either side. To the right trees. A group of people are standing in the foreground on the edge of the…


A woman explains to his son the symbolism of the poppies. In the final line she weeps because 'the world is forgetting again'.


Issue in Manchester 11 November 1946, updated to Waddington and then Coleby, Lincolnshire.

Nest of kin form stamped 'DAMAGED BY SEA WATER' for Gunner Robert K Kinley, A/Troop 189/Battery 18 LAA Regiment Royal Artillery. Central Mediterranean Force to Mrs R Kinely in Manchester

Issued in February 1954 address in Manchester. Update with stamp October 1945, address in Waddington. Update May 1945 to address in Coleby.

Ration book 1953-54 issued in Lincoln serial no BB873619 to Stanley Howard, address in Coleby, Lincolnshire. Contains stamps for Charles Marshall Ltd, Navenby.


Ration book 1953-54 issued in Lincoln serial no BB873620 to Irene Howard address in Coleby, Lincolnshire. Contains stamps for Charles Marshall Ltd, Navenby.


Made out for Mrs S Green on 27 April 1946 and contains 30 utility furniture unit stamps. Instructions for use on the reverse.


Address of P.C.S. Section of Board of Trade in Isleworth Middlesex. On the reverse part of a handwritten note.

'Noel' in blue with silhouette of mosque, palm tree and buildings. Text 'Greetings from MEF, in white. On the reverse 'Best of everything to Ma, Irene family and all, Robert'.

Christmas cards with servicemen, farmers cart and Christmas items with countryside. Handwritten message 'To my everloving [sic] friend Rene and her beloved Mother. Heres [sic] wishing you both the very Best off [sic]everything. Your everloving [sic]…

Letter found amongst the personal belongings of a Royal Air Force pilot recently reported missing believed killed, to be sent to his mother if he were killed. Letter talks about the importance of his role, admiration for his mother, sacrifice for…

Brass escape compass with crazed glass

Wallet with good luck black cat card and photograph of a young girl inside. In front a driving licence and a sergeants mess subscription book from RAF East Kirkby.

White letters 'V R' on a blue cloth background.

Hand grasping three lightning bolts embroidered on a blue cloth background.

Full length wedding portrait with Frank Hobbs in formal dress on the left and Kath Hobbs in long dress with hat on the right. Captioned 'Kath and Frank Hobbs, 27 Sept 1932, St Lawrence Ch. Morden Surrey'

View of the front of a railway station with clock tower on the left and with a tall glass fronted entrance. On the right a small truck parked.
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