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Ration book 1953-54 issued in Lincoln serial no BB873618 to Irene Howard address in Coleby, Lincolnshire. Contains stamps for Charles Marshall Ltd, Navenby.


Front quarter view of Lancaster in bank to port with clouds in the background.


A programme and menu relating to the 1950 reunion of 12 Squadron personnel held in the Lord Raglan hotel, London.

Details of raid on Cologne sent by Arthur Bank, brother-in-law to Keith Dexter's mother. Details number of aircraft involved and some details of attach and weather. One Ju-88 claimed destroyed an 14 of own aircraft failed to return. At thew bottom…

Squadron Leader A N Banks, Station Intelligence officer, RAF Foulsham notes that the station was engaged on special duties with two squadrons, one of Halifax and the other Mosquito. Halifax was used for dropping window and the Mosquito with radio…

Letter from Squadron Leader Arthur NM Banks to acquaintance Paul concerning an incident where at RAF Foulsham where a Halifax landed on top of a Mosquito. Aircraft were from 192 Squadron conducting special operations. Halifax windowed in front of…

Letter from Oakham School announcing that K I Dexter gained his 1st XV colours during a match against Bedford Modern School on 8 December 1938.


The memoir covers Sergeant Officer A Yates' time as a prisoner of war from September 1942 to April 1945. He was initially imprisoned in Stalag VIIIB in Upper Silesia, he was evacuated with 30,000 others to escape the advancing Russian Army. He and a…

Flight Engineer magazine article describes role of flight engineer. Photograph of Kenneth Pope, in uniform with sergeants stripes and flight engineers brevet, crouching with dog outside a building.

Note include diagrams on different types of bombs, explosives, fuses and pistols, detonators, tools, precautions, bomb carriage and release mechanisms and pyrotechnics.

Covers all types of fire arms and machine guns including Lee Enfield rifle, Colt automatic pistols, revolvers and flare guns, machine guns including Lewis, Vickers and Browning .303 and 0,5 inch as well as a variety of shot guns. Covers stripping and…

Notes and diagrams on pyrotechnics, smoke bombs and generators, smoke curtain and anti-landing apparatus, armament documentation (forms), explosive regulations, demolition, detonators, depth charges, fuses, bomb carriers and flares.

Detailed descriptions of the workings of Bristol, Boulton Paul and Fraser Nash turrets. Procedures for gun harmonisation of Hurricane, Typhoon, Beaufighter, P-51 and Spitfire

Alberto Dini reminisces his wartime life in Trieste starting from the declaration of war until the end of the conflict. Describes life under the bombs, stressing disruption of utilities, devastated streets and chequered schooling history. Describes…

Angelo Bencina recalls wartime memories in Monfalcone: a cave being modified as a shelter; the descent of bright red and white target indicators at night; a bomb which nearly missed him and didn’t explode; Window radio counter-measures being…

Paolo Vivoda remembers a bombing raid which started moments before the show of the stage magician Delfo, his mother barely made to the shelter and was injured, others died. Paolo lost contact with his parents, only for them to reappear two days…

Piero Fiorot reminisces about his pre-war life in Sacile: schooling, fascist paramilitary training and indoctrination, curfews, rationing, and doing business in a tightly controlled, closed economic system. Contrasts the relatively tranquil life…

Guido Toccaceri remembers his wartime experiences as a schoolboy in Milan: the day war broke out, food shortages, his father working at an airfield near Bergamo, train strafing, basements used as makeshift shelters, being evacuated outside Milan with…

Lidia Vendramin reminisces her childhood in Sacile including details on her primary schooling, family, and town life. Contrasts the public manifestations of joy the day the war was declared, with the shock and dismay of her parents, whose lives had…

Marco Pederielli describes his father’s career as a Regia Aeronautica officer, providing details of his service in North Africa. Describes his personal situation after the fall of the Fascist regime, when he reluctantly joined the Aeronautica…

A P-38 crashes in flames near a canal which is bordered by vegetation. Four other aircraft are visible in the sky amongst bursts of anti-aircraft fire.

Label reads “121”; signed by the author; caption reads “13 LUGLIO 1944. Cacciabombardiere…

The ruins of buildings and industrial plants in Munich are silhouetted against a wall of flames and smoke. At the top of the frame, a portion of blue sky appears to be full of aircraft, some of them crashing in flames. Anti-aircraft batteries, a…

An exchange of salvos is taking place between three Regia Marina vessels and seven Royal Navy ships crossing a calm sea. Plumes of black smoke are billowing out of the funnels. Shell splashes are occurring around the Italian ships.

Label reads…

A fire is raging on the deck of the Espero. Explosions send large amounts of water shooting up into the sky. A second vessel, engulfed in flames and smoke, is visible in the background.

Label reads “8”; signed by the author; caption reads…

A Royal Navy vessel exchanges salvos with an enemy ship in the distance. Both are engulfed in flames and plumes of smoke. Shells are exploding in the water near both vessels.

Label reads “9”; signed by the author; caption reads “(3) … Ed…
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