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Flyer produced for Poles being held in Germany. Motivational in nature, it has details of the support of Allied Forces described by General Dwight D. Eisenhower, and the consequences for any Germans that mistreat prisoners. It contains instructions…


Air Marshal Arthur Harris, Commander-in-Chief of Bomber Command, sends a message to the German people. He describes the reversal of roles: Germany is now experiencing what British cities have experienced. The RAF is conducting an extensive campaign…

The special edition covers Winston Churchill’s statement of 21st September 1943 to parliament on the war.

Churchill describes the war’s progress in North-West Africa, a springboard to further offensive action, following conferences with…

The leaflet describes the huge number of American workers being transferred to the arms industry.

Asserts German party leaders want to make the German people afraid of peace as it would mean the end of the party and any new beginnings for the German people.

A quotation from Roosevelt indicates that although they will punish the leaders from…


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