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Envelope and receipt issued to Stan's father, JE Hawes, by the Imperial War Graves Commission.

The unveiling of the Runnymede Memorial Order of Ceremony. This includes the hymns to be sung and the lesson.

Envelope, letter, details on the unveiling of the memorial and ticket for the ceremony at Runnymede.

The letter advises Albert's mother about visiting his grave and enclosing a leaflet with details.

Permanent headstones with personal inscriptions were now in place. Asks if they had considered contributing to the cost of engraving personal inscriptions. Relatives were under no obligation to send a contribution unless they wished.

The letter refers to the gravestone that will be erected for Doreen's late husband.

Details of the marking of headstones of War Graves.

A letter to the Bower family from the Imperial War Graves Commission explaining about headstones and inscriptions on their son's grave. On the reverse is handwritten references.

Imperial War Graves Commission are asking Jessie Redgrave to complete a form requesting additional information regarding Harry Redgrave's headstone.

A document describing the activities of the Imperial War Graves Commission.
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