Titman, Nancy


Titman, Nancy
E A Titman
Edith Annie Titman
Edith Annie Swift


Four items. An oral history interview with Nancy Titman (b. 1918), two information leaflets and a Conservative party news-sheet. See Nancy Titman 'Swift to Tell: Life in the 1920s - 30s'.

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Titman, EA

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The Onlooker November 1939
Political news-sheet from the Conservative party covering issues: the national effort a warning to grumblers, information for farmers, parliamentary commentary, local conservative party meetings, life in Germany concentrating on food shortages and…

Government information leaflet - if the invader comes
Advice on what to do if the Germans invade and how to do it. Advice includes: stay put, do not believe or spread rumours, keep watch and report anything suspicious to the police, do not give anything or any information to invading Germans, be ready…

Leaflet - the Hitler menace
Leaflet describing threat from Hitler with items; don't be fooled, why does Hitler want Czechoslovakia destroyed, would Britain be safe, why do we accuse Hitler thus, annihilation of France, will giving way to Hitler give us peace, if we stand firm.

Interview with Nancy Titman
Nancy Titman was born in 1918, and grew up in Deeping Saint James, Lincolnshire. At the age of eleven she won a scholarship to Stamford High School and did her teacher training in Peterborough. In 1938 she attended an interview in Cambridge, had a…
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