Archer, Stanley


Archer, Stanley
S Archer


18 items. The collection concerns the career of Flight Sergeant Stanley Archer. He originally trained as a fitter and served in Fighter Command before re-mustering as a flight engineer and flying operations with 97 Squadron from RAF Woodhall Spa. The collection includes a memoir, a joke medal, an engine test report, a diagram of constant speed units, three operation honours cards and 11 photographs.

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Archer, S

Collection Items

Flight Sergeant Stanley Archer and three other airmen
Four airmen, various ranks, standing in uniform in front of Lancaster tail turret armed with two .50 machine guns. On reverse ‘My Flt/Commander (next to me) and a couple of the boys. F/Sgt ‘Stan’ Archer Air Engineer 3rd from left 97 sqdn’.

Flight Sergeant Bateman
Full length portrait of Flight Sergeant Bateman. He is wearing a sheepskin flying jacket and is standing with his hands in his pockets. On reverse ‘F/S Bateman 463 sqdn’.

Stanley Archer<br /><br />
<br /><br />
Full length portrait of Flight Sergeant Stanley Archer. He is wearing uniform and is standing at the edge of a wood. On reverse ‘F/S SW Archer 97 sqdn’

Two Lancasters in flight
Air to air view of two Lancasters, ‘NF-P’ and ‘NF-J’ of 138 Squadron taken from a third aircraft.

Flight Sergeant Stanley Archer
Stanley Archer standing with hands in pockets in front of the nose of a Lancaster on dispersal. He is in uniform with side cap. In the background near the starboard chock is a dog and a bicycle. On reverse ‘F/S SW Archer 97 sqdn’

Starboard side view of Beaufighter ‘?-OB’, on Marston Mat pierced steel planking.

Lancaster on dispersal
Starboard side view of Lancaster ‘DF-K’, on dispersal with wheeled access tower at right side and a second behind the aircraft. Code letters DF indicate it belonged to the Central Bombing Establishment.

Air Gunner’s Brevet and joke medal
The brevet is pinned to a Distinguished Flying Medal ribbon with an imitation medal ribbon and cardboard iron cross. On the reverse ‘Garanteed ferous [sic] metal'.

97 Squadron operation honours, Milan, 14/15 February 1943
The aircraft is dropping bombs, there is a depiction of an explosion over a river with docks. In the distance searchlights are focused on a target. There is some anti-aircraft fire. The names of the crew are written on the card – 'Sgt Lennox, Sgt…

97 Squadron operation honours, Turin 28/29 November 1942<br /><br />
Drawing of Lancaster dropping seven bombs. Each bomb has a crew member's name – Sgt Lennox, F/Sgt Quinn, Sgt Ketley, Sgt Archer, Sgt Jordan, Sgt Martin, Sgt Page. Captioned ‘Turin – 28/29 Nov 42 97 Squadron’.

This stone was unlaid at Wilhelmshaven by 97 Sqdn
Cartoons of Hitler and Goering standing by stone with message. Goering is holding a candle in a candle holder. The light reveals a message ‘ This stone was unlaid at Wilhelmshaven by 97 Sqdn W/O Cullinane, F/Sgt Quinn, P/O Ballantyne, Sgt Archer,…

Lancaster in the snow at Waddington
Lancaster, rear/side view, surrounded by snow. In foreground an airman with his back to the camera. Captioned ‘Lancaster III “JO-E” (ED806) of 463 Squadron in the snow at Waddington during the winter of 1943/44’.

ED806 was on the strength…

Four Lancasters in flight<br /><br />
<br /><br />
Air to air view of four Lancasters from the rear flying low. Squadron codes are ‘KM-K' and ' -J’.

44 airmen
A group of 44 airmen. The first row is sitting cross legged on the ground, the second row is sitting, the third row is standing and the fourth row is standing on a bench. They are grouped in 4 groups of eleven, separated by a small gap. Behind is a…

De Havilland Single Acting CSU
Four diagrams of different constant speed units

Bombing up Lancaster S-Sugar
Side view of Lancaster R5868, being bombed up. In the foreground three trolleys full of bombs. Aircraft is under maintenance with two airmen on the wings and one in the pilot’s seat. Symbols indicating numerous operations on nose of aircraft. Four…

Merlin XX Aircraft Test Report
An uncompleted test report with a graph of altitude versus brake horse power.

Training as a flight engineer on Lancasters
Stanley Archer’s account of his training as one of the first flight engineers for Lancaster operations in 1942. First he attended an air gunnery course then transferred to 97 squadron at RAF Woodhall Spa. He comments on a daylight operation on…
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