Manning, Reg


Manning, Reg
Reginald Manning
R Manning


Six items, concerning Pilot Officer Reg Manning DFC (567647 Royal air Force) including his flying log book and photographs. He served as an air gunner and flight engineer with 10 Squadron, 462 Squadron, 51 Squadron, and 614 Squadron.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Reg Manning.


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Manning, R

Collection Items

Reg Manning
Head and shoulders portrait of Reg Manning, seated in a living room.

Six Airmen
Six airmen in desert uniform standing in front of a Halifax. On the reverse are the signatures of the crew and the identity of the aircraft - Halifax Mk II W7756. Four of the crew are identified as from the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Photograph of nose art "Hellzapoppin'!!" with picture of Native American shooting a bomb from a bow and standing on an arrow. Minimum of 30 completed operations indicated. Annotated “Halifax II W7756 R Manning 10 Sqn”.

M M Manning, Women's Auxiliary Air Force driver
Photograph of a WAAF in uniform with a dog, annotated "M M Manning MT Driver Marston Moor 1943”

Three airmen
Three airmen standing in front of an aircraft. Two are wearing leather flying jackets, the third has a fabric flying jacket and is holding a cigarette. It is signed 'R. Manning 10 Sqn'.

Reg Manning's observer's and air gunner's flying log book
The Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Log Book covering the period 15 June 1941 to the 16 August 1963. Manning qualified first as an Air Gunner on the 4 July 1941 and second as a flight engineer on the 1 September 1941. He was commissioned on the 4…
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