Goss, Raymond George


Goss, Raymond George
R G Goss


Five items. An oral history interview with Raymond Goss (b. 1933), a map and three photographs. He was a boy during the war and lived on a farm close to RAF Westcott, Buckinghamshire.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Raymond Goss and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Goss, RG

Collection Items

Upper Barn Farmhouse
Two storey brick house with tiled roof. The front garden has a large tree and wooden fence. A man with hat and jacket is standing in the garden, next to a seated woman.

Identified from #18435 as a later photograph of Upper Barn Farmhouse.

Two servicemen in front of a house
Two servicemen wearing battledress stand in front of a bay window of a single storey house. On the reverse 'Home, March 1953'.

Upper Barn Farmhouse
Two-storey brick house with tiled roof. In front bushes and wooden fence. In the centre behind the fence a woman waving. To the right a man in boater hat, further to the right two children. From costumes in photograph probably dating to early 1900s.…

RAF Westcott
Map plan of RAF Westcott showing airfield / runways, dispersals, bomb store area, various facilities sites and Westcott village area. Top right off the end of runway just beyond a road marked A41 is an aircraft symbol annotated 'Lancaster overshoot,…

Interview with Raymond George Goss
Raymond Goss lived on the family farm at Westcott before, during and after the construction and occupation of RAF Westcott as 11 Operational Training Unit. One evening a Lancaster collided with a Wellington on the field and both exploded. The Goss…
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