Wrigley, James


Wrigley, James
J Wrigley


27 items. The collection concerns James Wrigley (1920 - 2010, 1029740 Royal Air Force) and contains an interview with his widow, Alice Wrigley, photographs, his log book, decorations, and a photograph album of his service in the UK and and Far East. The collection also contains a log book made out to Rascal, his mascot or lucky charm. James Wrigley completed 47 operations as a wireless operator with 97 and 635 Squadrons.

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Wrigley, J

Collection Items

Alice Wrigley was married to James Wrigley, a wireless operator on Lancasters. She talks about her early life after losing her mother, her marriage to Jim and how war work enabled her to become independent by sorting out somewhere to live whilst he…

James Wrigley
Half-length portrait of James Wrigley wearing a Sidcot suit. On the reverse is 'All at From Jimmy x x x x'

Seven airmen and four women
A group of men and women seated around tables. Beer bottles and glasses are being held by some. One table has several glasses and bottles. One corner of the photograph has been torn off.

Seven seated airmen
Seven seated airmen, all with their arms crossed. The photograph damaged and has been stuck to a section of a map.

British YMCA Germany
A card with an exterior and two interior images of a building, captioned 'The Only British Y.M.C.A. on Autobahn'.

A postcard taken from a roof looking along a street with on one side the sea and on the other buildings and palm trees. The card is addressed to 'The kids c/o Mrs Wrigley' at RAF Hemswell.

Harvest festival display
Two tables laden with fruit and vegetables. Arranged in front are some toys and books. On the table and behind are also vases of flowers.

Five airmen and four women
The group is seated round a round table. They are holding glasses and the table has more glasses and bottles.

Arab with two camels
A postcard of an arab leading two camels on a sandy desert. Behind are palm trees. On the reverse is a message to James Wrigley's wife.

James Wrigley and two airmen
Three airmen walking down a wet street. Behind is a bus stop and a double decker bus. On the reverse is a description of the weather and his two colleagues.

Ted Pack and James Wigsley
The two sergeants are crouched with a dog between them. One man is smoking. On the reverse 'Ted Pack and Self Lindholme 1943'.

Lincoln over New York
An air to air image of a Lincoln, RF522 'G' over New York, with the Empire State building in the background.

James Wrigley
Half-length portrait of James Wrigley wearing a Sidcot suit. On the reverse 'Yatesbury 1941'.

James Wrigley
A head and shoulders portrait of James Wrigley. He is wearing a great coat and a side cap. On the reverse 'Hamilton'.

Warrant appointing James Wrigley Warrant Officer
The warrant appoints James Wrigley as a Warrant officer in the Royal Air Force.

Ted and Gwen Pack's wedding
Bride, groom and nine others forming the bridal party. Groom and one man in airman's uniforms and one older man is an Army officer.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

Lincoln at dispersal
Side view of Lincoln 'RF505'. There are access ladders and bombs awaiting loading.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

James Wrigley and five airmen
Two airmen kneeling with four airmen standing behind. One man, a sergeant, is smoking.

199 Squadron badge
Metal/enamel eagle badge for 199 Squadron with a Lego brick.

James Wrigley's decorations
Medals awarded to James Wrigley - Distinguished Flying Cross, 1939-45 Star, Air Crew Europe Star with clasp for France and Germany, Defence Medal and War Medal 1939 to 1945. In addition is a Bomber Command Clasp, an Italy Star and an Unofficial…

Half-length portrait of a woman.

Sergeants Mess Abingdon and Tripoli
Photograph 1 is a group of airmen drinking beer, captioned 'Sgt's Mess, Abingdon, 1945.'
Photograph 2 is the roofs of Tripoli, captioned 'Tripoli-Libya Old Town . 1955'

Geof and Margaret's wedding
Bride and groom standing outside the church with six other people. It is captioned 'Geof [sic] & Margaret spliced'.
A second photograph is missing but the caption reads 'Brian's first communion'.

Kudat Pier, Susan and Brian
Photograph 1 is a vertical aerial photograph of a town on the coast. It is captioned 'Kudat Pier, Borneo'.
Photograph 2 is a head and shoulders portrait of a girl, captioned 'Susan'.
Photograph 3 is a head and shoulders portrait of a boy, captioned…

Georgetown and Jesselton, Borneo
Photograph 1 is a vertical aerial photograph of a city on the coast. It is captioned 'Georgetown, Straits Settlement'
Photograph 2 is a vertical aerial photograph of a town on the coast. It is captioned 'Jesselton, Borneo'.
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