Falgate, Donald


Falgate, Donald
D Falgate


69 items. The collection concerns Squadron Leader Don Falgate (136896 Royal Air Force) and consists of 68 pre-war, wartime, and post-war photographs and a handwritten detailed account of his tour. Don Falgate trained in Canada and flew operations as a bomb aimer with 463 Squadron from RAF Waddington.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Paul Falgate and catalogued by Trevor Hardcastle.




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Falgate, D

Collection Items

Don Falgate's decorations
Don Falgate's medals. Distinguished Flying Cross, 1939/45 Star, Aircrew Europe Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939 to 1945, General Service Medal 1918-62 with Malaya clasp and an Unofficial Bomber Command Medal.

Captioned 'S/L Don Falgate, DFC,…

Don Falgate's decorations
Don Falgate's medals. Distinguished Flying Cross, 1939/45 Star, Aircrew Europe Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939 to 1945 and General Service Medal 1918-62 with Malaya clasp.

Don Falgate's crew and aircraft
Lancaster in background, seven aircrew in flying clothing standing behind a large bomb on a trolley. On the reverse 'Crew of Lancaster P (Peter) DV229 463 Squadron RAAF Waddington Lincs 1943. Lancaster P (Peter) DV229 lost over Orleans night 10th…

Squadron Leader Don Falgate
Three photographs of Don Falgate, two in uniform, with medals, one in civilian clothes all with a garden background.

Air traffic control room
An air traffic control room in Malaya being visited by VIPs.
Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

Don Falgate in control tower
Don Falgate seated in control tower, dressed in shorts, shirt with rolled up sleeves, long socks and wearing sun glasses.

No 617 Squadron and the operation to breach the dams
Album page with three clippings, one from from The Daily Telegraph and Morning Post dated Tuesday May 18 1943 showing a number of Lancasters over a city, captioned '617 Lancs'. One summarising the news from around November 1944, including the sinking…

Don Falgate's family 1918
Captioned 'Mother, Dad (in the uniform of superintendent of the County Police, Grimsby, Lincs.) Elsie (my younger sister) and my brother Robert. Picture taken about 1918.

County Police Station house, Louth
Captioned 'County Police Station house Louth, Lincs. I was born in the bedroom behind the upper window on the right side of the house.'.

Holy Trinity Church, Louth
Captioned 'Holy Trinity church, Louth, where I was Christened.'.

County Police house, Grimsby
Captioned 'County Police house, Brighowgate, Grimsby, Lincs. where I lived from late 1921 until approx 1929 - 1930. this shows side of house facing offices and Court House.'

County Police House, Grimsby
Captioned 'County Police house, Brighowgate, Grimsby, Lincs. showing front of house on left and County Magistrates court on the right.'.

Pelham School, Grimsby
Substantial three storey brick building on street corner, trees and bushes in the garden. Captioned 'The Pelham School, Bargate, Grimsby, my first school aged 5 to approx 9. The school was in the end of the building (ground floor). the two upper…

Don Falgate with group at picnic 1926
Captioned 'The Pelham School Annual Picnic to Tetney, Lincs in 1926. This was a private school. I am on the left of the front row. Brother Robert is in the centre of the back row. Mrs Kendal is the older lady in the centre, her daughter is standing…

Don Falgate with mother and dog 1928
Captioned 'Self with mother and 'Boy', my sister Elsie's dog. Photo taken about 1928.'

Don Falgate with mother and sister, 1928
Captioned 'Self between sister Elsie and mother. Leslie Robinson in the background, Elsie's husband and dog 'Boy' Photo at Police House, Grimsby, about 1928.'

Don Falgate's parents
Captioned 'Mother and Dad by side of Police House, Grimsby. Date unknown.'

Devonshire Avenue, Grimsby
Tree lined street, two storey brick houses. Captioned 'Devonshire Avenue, Grimsby where I grew up from approx 1929 - 1930 until joining the RAF in September 1941. The car on the left is in front of No 22 where I lived.'

Don Falgate's Grimsby home until 1941
Captioned ''Kenwood' 22 Devonshire Ave, Grimsby, Lincs. My home from approx 1929 - 1930 to 1941. Dad bought the house new when he retired around 1930.'

Don Falgate with sister and brother 1931
Captioned 'Self (wearing cap) with brother Robert and sister Elsie in back garden of 22 Devonshire Avenue, Grimsby. Photo about 1931.'

Don Falgate in football kit 1934
Captioned 'Self with sister Elsie. I am proudly displaying first football kit. Jersey is green, colour of school house, (Coleridge). Photo around 1933-34.'

Don Falgate with yo-yo 1933
Captioned 'Self with yo-yo (on a string) in back garden of 22 Devonshire Ave.'

Don Falgate and family 1929
Captioned 'From left to right, brother Robert, sister Elsie, self, mother, Leslie (Elsie's husband). In back garden of 22 Devonshire Ave, Grimsby . Photo around 1929, 1930'

St James Secondary School, Grimsby
Large three storey brick building. Captioned 'St James (Private) Secondary School, Bargate, Grimsby. This comprised class rooms, Prefects common room (arched window over porch) & headmasters office. Headmasters quarters were on top floor.'

St James Junior School, Grimsby
Single storey brick building, open space in front, trees to the right. Captioned 'St James Junior School buildings. Forms 1 to 4, playground, College Street on right, toilets on left. higher building is front of school facing Bargate, Grimsby,…
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