Culkin, Jean


Culkin, Jean
J Culkin


10 items. An oral history interview with Jean Culkin, née Dodds (b.1924), photographs and documents. The collection also contains an album of photographs and newspaper cuttings. Jean Culkin grew up in Sunderland and worked in a reserved occupation. Her husband, John George Mackel Culkin, served as ground crew.

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Culkin, J

Collection Items

Jack wearing topee
Head and shoulders portrait of Jack, captioned 'Tel Aviv Palestine - July 1942 based at Aqir'. Reverse captioned 'To the best little darling in the world Jack xxx'.

Fayid, Egypt
Page captioned 'Fayid Egypt July 1942, No 76 Squadron detachment became No 462 Squadron together with No 10 Squadron detachment. Read page 79 of Halifax - Operation Bareface'.
Three photographs, first is of nine servicemen in front of lorry,…

Fayid, Egypt
Two photographs, first is of Jack on motorcycle, captioned 'Just off on a run'.
This is a Norton model 16H 490 cc motorcycle with a Canadian Army registration number.
Second is of four servicemen, standing on sand, buildings and tents in…

Halifax in Egypt
Page captioned ''Peter the Panther', - 'Taf' O'Hanlon, self - Bob Watson on mid upper turret'.
Three photographs, first photograph is of Halifax on the ground, cockpit and turret covers on, servicing ladders in position.
Second is of Jack and one…

Misurata North Africa
Page captioned 'Misurata N/Africa May 1943, On guard, tented accom, visit to Leptis Magna'.
Five photographs, first is of Jack, rifle slung over shoulder, tin hat on, standing on a rocky outcrop, desert background. Captioned, 'Misurata, North…

Tocra North Africa
Page captioned, 'Tocra N/Africa 1943, "The first time I ever saw her face" W.V.S. photo of Jean'. Three photographs and print of squadron badge.
First photograph, Jack and 'Ginger' MacGan sitting reading newspapers, tent in background, Captioned…

Page captioned 'Brindisi Italy Feb 1944'. Five photographs, first is group of servicemen in front of wooden building, captioned 'Brindisi Italy 1944, Second top left'.
Second is group of servicemen, building in back ground, some looking out of…

Page captioned 'Brindisi Italy 1944 'Drop Tank' boat race, Jimmy Green and I win!!'. Six photographs, first drop tank race competitors gather on the water, reverse captioned '16/7/44 Darling xx, Just a little chatter before the race Love Jack'.…

Five photographs, two are of Jack and Johnny Green afloat in a raft made from aircraft drop tanks, reverse, captioned, 'Johnny Green & self Brindisi - Italy 1944'.
Third is of Jack and another individual on a beach, the reverse captioned 'Brindisi,…

Rest camp Sorrento, Italy
Page captioned 'Rest camp Sorrento Sept 44, Bari en-route'. Six photographs, first Jack rowing, reverse captioned 'Sorrento Italy, 14/9/44, Rest camp 14 days. Darling xx 'ape Man, still love me? love Jack xxx'.
Second is of Jack with Johnny Green,…

Two photographs, first is of Jack seated with another individual, wooden building in background, reverse captioned 'Brindisi, Italy March 1945'.
Second is of Jack and nine other individuals, captioned 'March 1945, promoted Sergeant, Brindisi'.

Album page, five photographs, first is of Jack with another SNCO, urban street scene in background, captioned 'Rome 1945'. Reverse captioned 'Rome May 1945, Darling, as I was when peace was declared in Europe, yours as always Jack xxx'.
Second is…

Page captioned, '15 Jan 1946 Back to Egypt, Gianaclis, with our Mk 8 Liberator a/c - home soon hoping for February!!!
Five photographs, first head and shoulders of Jack, brick wall in background, reverse captioned 'Gianaclis, Egypt 1946'.

Jack Culkin in Aden
Page captioned, 'Aden 1953 July, Medivac home Nov 53, Very bad time.' Note added to page 'Almost died Stomach ulcer'. Three photographs all Jack head and shoulders. Reverse captioned 'Khormaksa, Aden 1953, To my darling x.x.x.'

Hildersheim, Germany
Page captioned 'Hildesheim, Germany, 654 Sqdn Army Air Corp, April 59 - May 61. four photographs. First is of Jack, leaning on a fence, alpine background, reverse captioned 'Hildesheim, Germany 1960'.
Second is of Jack standing by sign post with…

Kuching, Borneo
Three photographs, first shows Jack, with others at a swimming pool, reverse captioned 'Changi, Singapore Sept 64, en-route to Borneo'.
Second is of Jack with Bill Jack, reverse captioned, 'Self & Sgt Bill Jack, Kuching Borneo 1964-65'.
Third is…

Kuching, Borneo
Four photographs, first two Jack on the veranda of a building, captioned 'Outside Basha', reverse captioned Kuching Borneo 1964-65'.
Third and fourth is Jack and other individuals in a row outside, awaiting a formal visit. Captioned, Duke of…

Kuching, Borneo
Four photographs, first of Jack with Arthur Price sitting in a Whirlwind entrance, reverse captioned, 'Arthur Price & self, Kuching Borneo, 1965, 225 Sqdn'.
Second is Jack standing in the entrance to a building with an individual, reverse…

Kuching, Borneo
Six photographs, first two are Jack with Bill Greenwood, reverse captioned 'Bill Greenwood and self, Borneo 1964-65'.
Third and fourth are of Jack with a group in a bar, reverse captioned 'Kuching Borneo 1964-65, "What is he on about?" Bill…

Three photographs, first is Jack standing outside office door, reverse captioned 'Kuching, Borneo 1964-65'.
Second is of a group in a bar, reverse captioned 'Kuching Borneo Nov 64'.
Third is of a group standing behind a table buffet, captioned…

Hong Kong
Four photographs, first group at a party, reverse captioned 'Xmas dance 1969, Viking, Hong Kong. Viking Bar 1969'.
Second is Jack relaxing in a chair, reverse, with date stamp 16.3.70,
Third is of Jack with a lady at a party, reverse captioned…

Kai Tak, Hong Kong
Three photographs, first two are colour of Jack at a party, reverse captioned, 'Hyatt Hotel Hong Kong Xmas 69'.
Third is colour photograph of Jack with an aircrew member in flying gear standing in front of Whirlwind, reverse captioned 'Kai Tak Hong…

Kai Tak, Hong Kong
Four photographs, first Jack on the dance floor with woman, reverse, captioned 'Kai Tak Hong Kong, 1969'.
The remaining three are colour photographs of Jacks family.

Kai Tak, Hong Kong
Three photographs, first Jack talking to individual, blocks of flats in background, reverse captioned, 'Kai Tak Hong Kong 1970, Self and Sgt Ivor Hawkins'.
Second is of Jack with individual and building entrance in background, reverse captioned,…

Kai Tak, Hong Kong
Two photographs, first Jack with a group of senior officers, with line of tradesmen. Reverse captioned 'Air Marshall, air commander F.E.A.F., Hong Kong Dec 1970, Station Cmdr Air Comm Godwin, O.C. Mech eng Fl Lt Candy, C/T Tony Powell, Sgt Roy…
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