Cranswick, Alexander Panton


Cranswick, Alexander Panton
Alexander Panton Cranswick DSO DFC
A P Cranswick


Nine items. The collection concerns Squadron Leader Alexander Panton Cranswick DSO DFC (42696 Royal Air Force) and contains documents, memorabilia and photographs. He flew operations as a pilot with 35 Squadron Pathfinders and was killed 5 July 1944.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Alexander Parr Cranswick and catalogued by Barry Hunter.

Additional information on Alexander Panton Cranswick is available via the IBCC Losses Database.




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Cranswick, AP

Collection Items

Alec Cranswick's School Photo
A group of young men arranged in five rows. Information supplied with the collection states 'Segar's House 1936'

Alec Cranswick's School Photo
A school photograph with four rows of young men. Information supplied with the collection states 'Menzies House 1934'.

Alec Cranswick DFC
A half length portrait of Alec Cranswick. At the foot is a handwritten annotation 'Ramsay-Muspratt Oxford Cambridge'.

Squadron Leader AP Cranswick DSO DFC
A framed biography of Alec Cranswick's wartime service. It includes a tribute by AVM Bennett.

Alec Cranswick's decorations
Six medals awarded to Alec Cranswick.
1939-45 Star
Air Crew Europe Star
Africa Star
War Medal 1939 to 1945
Distinguished Service Order
Distinguished Flying Cross.

Alec Cranswick DFC
A head and shoulders painting of Alec wearing his DFC ribbon. A second copy has his painting in a frame.

Alec Cranswick
A side head and shoulders portrait of Alec.

Sergeant Kluva's log book
A flying log book created for Kluva, temporary sergeant and assistant wireless operator, flight engineer and navigator, covering the period from 8 December 1942 to 20 June 1944. He was stationed at RAF Middleton St George and RAF Graveley. Aircraft…

Alec Cranswick's Pilot Licence
A licence issued to Alec Cranswick on 23 August 1939.
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