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Coling, Eric
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10 items. The collection concerns Eric Frederick Coling (1921 - 2018 1481171 Royal Air Force) and contains his memoir, photographs, log book, service documents, letters and an oral history interview. Eric flew operations as a bomb aimer with 50 Squadron before ditching, drifting for several days and time and becoming a prisoner of war.

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Coling, E

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No. 50 Squadron Royal Air Force In World War Two<br /><br />
Diary of 50 Squadron based at RAF Skellingthorpe including night bombing of Bochum, Germany; laying mines in the Baltic Sea off Gdynia, Poland with the loss of one aircraft; ditching in the North Sea off Denmark, having been attacked by the night…

Eric Coling memoir
Time in the RAF including selection as an observer, enrolment at Lord's Cricket Ground, navigational dead reckoning and meteorology training in Eastbourne and Paignton. Time spent on navigational sorties in Grahamstown, South Africa in Ansons and…

Goldfish club membership card
Made out for Warrant Officer Eric Coling and signed by Charles A Robinson.

Letter from Wing Commander of 50 Squadron to Mrs Coling
A one page letter signed by Flight Lieutenant W R Francis, on behalf of the Wing Commander of 50 Squadron, to congratulate Mrs Coling on the news that her son, Sergeant Eric Coling, is safe and a prisoner of war.

Letter from Wing Commander 50 Squadron to Eric Coling&#039;s mother
A letter signed by Wing Commander R McFarlane DFC, of 50 Squadron, to Eric Coling's mother, confirming that her son is missing. It further confirms that the Red Cross Committee is working on behalf of the RAF to find Eric's whereabouts.

Eric Coling&#039;s Certificate of Discharge
RAF Form 3813 issued to temporary Warrant Officer Eric Coling by reason of his 'enlistment into the reconstituted Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve'.

Letter from the Air Ministry to W Coling
A letter signed by Charles Evans of the Air Ministry advising Mrs W Coling that her son, Sergeant Eric Coling, is missing following a mine laying operation. Enquiries are being made, through the International Red Cross Committee, to trace Eric.

Wedding photograph
Photograph of the wedding of Eric Coling, dressed in his RAF uniform, and Winifred Scott at St. Peter's Church. Winifred is wearing a tailored knee length, short sleeved dress, gloves, a netted hat and a double string of pearls and is holding a…

Eric Frederick Coling&#039;s observer&#039;s and air gunner&#039;s flying log book
Observer's and air gunner's flying log book for Bomb Aimer Eric Frederick Coling from June 1942 to February 1953. Detailing his training schedule, operations flown and post war duties. Served at 44 Air School, South Africa; 16 Operational Training…

Interview with Eric Coling
Eric Coling’s father died when Eric was a child which left his mother to cope on her own economically. Eric and his sister were sent to live in an orphanage but their mother was able to visit monthly. When Eric left the orphanage he began working…
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