Baptiste, Daphne


Baptiste, Daphne
D M M Baptiste
D Baptiste


Two items. An oral history interview with Daphne Baptiste (b. 1921) and a wedding album. She worked as a civil servant in the air Ministry.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Daphne Baptiste and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Baptiste, DMM

Collection Items

Daphne Baptiste 's Wedding Album
An album with five wedding photographs.

1 is of Daphne in long bridal dress, with train and veil, holding a bouquet and standing with her uniformed husband.

2 is of Daphne and husband with a bridesmaid holding her train. Two uniformed men are…

Daphne joined the Air Ministry at 17. She initially joined the Civil Service as she believed it would be a safe job with high wages. Throughout the war, she was stationed at Ladies College in Harrogate and was in charge of supplying water to many RAF…
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