Nine items. Collection concerns a Flight Sergeant (1924 - 2018) who flew operations as a navigator and wished to remain anonymous. Contains an oral history interview as well as two biographical books and photographs. The collection was catalogued by Nigel Huckins.

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An00509 wearing grey jacket and RAF observer tie, sitting at a table with a lady, at Green Park Bomber Command Memorial unveiling 28th June 2012. Photo shows An00509 wearing his Defence and War Medal, and in the background Civilians and RAF…

Twenty eight airmen
Twenty six airmen trainees wearing either battledress or khaki uniform and side caps. Two instructors centre of front row both wearing khaki tunics with half brevet. They are all sitting and standing in three rows. In the background an Anson.

An Airman
Head and shoulders portrait of a man wearing cadet uniform and side cap.

RAF navigator
Head and shoulders portrait of a man wearing tunic with navigator's brevet.

Man wearing flying helmet
Head and shoulders portrait of a man wearing flying helmet and goggles.

Man sitting on small table
Full length portrait of a man wearing flying helmet goggles, parachute harness and flying boots sitting on a small occasional table.

An00509’s second book, written when he was 79 years of age, a collection of short stories of his life and his service in the RAF. Trained as a navigator in Canada and writes describing events during and after the war.

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An00509's autobiography. Seventeen chapters and an epilogue. Chapters 1-4 deal with early life and schooling. Chapter 5-14 the war years and 15-17 after the war.

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The interviewee was born in Berlin in 1924, his father being a British Army surgeon who was posted there to treat badly wounded soldiers. He went to school in France then attended boarding school in Hertfordshire. He volunteered for the Royal Air…
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