Carrington, Jane


Carrington, Jane
Jane Waterhouse
J Carrington


Five items. An oral history interview with Jane Carrington nee Waterhouse (b. 1924 2043217 Women's Auxiliary Air Force) and four photographs. She served as a cook and as a drummer in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force.

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Carrington, J

Collection Items

Marching band
Formal group photograph of a marching band with their drums and bagpipes positioned in front of them, behind, a multi-storey stone and brick-built building. Below the photograph are the names of the band members.

Jane Waterhouse
Head and shoulders portrait photograph of Jane Waterhouse (later Carrington) in uniform.

Jane Waterhouse with a marching band
Jane Waterhouse (later Carrington) marching past at least one saluting officer whilst playing a drum. On the reverse 'Skegness 1944?'.

Jane Waterhouse
Head and shoulders portrait of Leading Aircraftswoman Jane Waterhouse (later Carrington) in uniform.

Jane Carrington joined the Women's Auxiliary Air Force in 1942 at the age of 18. She served as a cook, and volunteered to join the band as a drummer. She discusses her time in the kitchens, the menus and the equipment they used.
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