Topham, Gordon


Topham, Gordon
G Topham


Four items. An oral history interview with Gordon Topham DFC (3005086 Royal Air Force) his pilots DFC citation and two photographs. He flew operations as a flight engineer with 166 Squadron.

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Topham, G

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Gordon Topham and bomb aimer
Two airmen standing one wearing tunic the other battledress, both with half brevet standing in front of a Nissen hut. Annotated 'GT' under left hand man. Submitted with caption 'Gordon and his Bomb Aimer (Gordon on the left)'.

Gordon Topham wedding at St Helena church, Kirmington
An airman wearing tunic standing next to his bride in white in St Helena church doorway. Men, women and children gathered round kook on. Submitted with caption 'Gordon's wedding - met his wife whilst at Kirmington, and they married in the church…

Citation for meritorious service - Flying Officer Ian George Nicklin
Recounts this New Zealand pilots superb handling of his aircraft after it struck high tension cable after take off. Despite damage to main navigation aid he continues with his 1700 mile operation which was completed successfully. After landing damage…

Gordon Topham was born in Salisbury, but his family settled in Norwich, Norfolk and he joined the Royal Air Force at the age of 17, qualifying as a flight engineer in July 1944. Gordon’s father used to drive steam wagons and was involved with…
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