Stevenson, Peter


Stevenson, Peter
Peter Desmond Stevenson
P D Stevenson


Three items. An oral history interview with Peter Stevenson (b. 1923), his memoir and one photograph. He grew up in Lincolnshire and while he was working towards an engineering apprenticeship he rose through the ranks to become a Warrant Officer in the Air Training Corps.

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Stevenson, PD

Collection Items

Cadet 1935-1945 Peter D Stevenson
Peter Stevenson's account of his service in the Officer Training Corps at Grantham and later in the Air Training Corps. Tells of his life in Grantham and the effect of the war on the town. Also his involvement post war in museums and projects to…

Peter Stevenson in jacket and tie
Head and shoulders portrait of a young man wearing jacket and tie. Submitted with caption '1933'. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Interview with Peter Stevenson
Peter Stevenson was born in Grantham and joined the Air League of the British Empire as well as the Air Defence Cadet Corps, The Officer’s Training Corps and the Public School’s Air Cadet Wing. He rose through the cadet ranks and embarked on…
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