Payne, Thomas Peter


Payne, Thomas Peter
T P Payne


Six items. Two oral history interviews with Flying Officer Peter Payne (b. 1925, 1398674, 199071 Royal Air Force)auto biographies and his log book. He flew as a pilot with 90 and 15 Squadrons.

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Payne, TP

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Tom joined the Air Training Corps as a deferred service airman even though he was under-age. In April 1942 he received his call up papers to report to the Air Crew Reception Centre at St John’s Wood before being posted to Ludlow. He then went to…

Tom Payne's Early RAF career
Tom's memoir of his early RAF days. He talks about his cousin, Vivian Gunning who died in a Blenheim in June 1940.
Tom joined the RAF at 15 after altering his birth certificate. He trained in Canada as a pilot.

Tom Payne
An autobiography of Tom Payne, mainly pre-war in Hemel Hempstead. At the start of the war he became a fire watcher. His cousin, Vivian Gunning, died in June 1940 whilst flying in a Blenheim. He recalls bombing and low flying German bombers. He joined…

The Story of Frank Vivian Gunning
A biography of Vivian, born in Beaminster in 1920. He trained at Aldergrove and served at Bassingbourne, Wattisham, West Raynham, Watton then Wyton. Losses were high. He was shot down near Le Bourget, his two crew members dying with him. Additional…

Thomas Payne's Royal Canadian Air Force Pilot’s Flying Log Book
T P Payne’s pilot’s flying log book covering the period from 9 November 1942 to 19 April 1953. Detailing his flying training as a pilot. He was stationed at RAF Brough (4 EFTS), RCAF Neepawa (35 EFTS), RCAF Swift Current (39 SFTS), RAF Perth (11…
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