Page, Frank


Page, Frank
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Four items. An oral history interview with Frank Page (b. 1921, 1602325 Royal Air Force) and three photographs. He flew operations as a bomb aimer with 170 Squadron.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Frank Page and catalogued by Barry Hunter.


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Page, F

Collection Items

Cadet Frank Page
A half length portrait of Frank in a cadet's uniform with a trainee flash on his cap.

Frank and Audrey Page
Half length portrait of Frank and his wife.

Frank Page and Crew
Six airmen arranged in two rows. Frank and three men are standing with two seated. Each individual and his crew function is named.
On the reverse is 'Navigator Plotter -Paddy Lundberg Flight Engineer Dick'.

Interview with Frank Page
Frank Page grew up near Teddington Locks and was working for an engineering firm when the war started. His house was bombed and he remembers recovering bodies from the ruins and says he joined the RAF to get his revenge on the Germans. His pilot…
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